Grant County Washington Marriage Records

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NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
Grant County Clerk Offices
Grant County Superior Court35 C Street NorthwestEphrataWA98823509-754-2011
Grand Coulee City Clerk306 Midway AvenueGrand CouleeWA99133509-633-1105
Quincy Town Clerk104 B Street SouthwestQuincyWA98848509-787-3523
Wilson Creek City Clerk254 Railroad StreetWilson CreekWA98860509-345-2531
Grant County Town & City Halls
Coulee City City Hall501 West Main StreetCoulee CityWA99103509-632-5331
Electric City City Hall10 Western AvenueElectricWA99123509-633-1510
Ephrata City Hall121 Alder Street SouthwestEphrataWA98823509-754-4601
Grand Coulee City Hall306 Midway AvenueGrand CouleeWA99133509-633-1150
Hartline City Hall941 Willard StreetHartlineWA99135509-639-2606
Mattawa Town HallGOVERNMENT WayMattawaWA99349509-932-4037
Royal City City Hall445 Camelia Street NortheastRoyalWA99357509-346-2263
Soap Lake City Hall239 2nd Avenue SoutheastSoap LakeWA98851509-246-1211
Warden City Hall201 South Ash AvenueWardenWA98857509-349-2326
Warden City Hall121 South Main AvenueWardenWA98857509-349-2033
Grant County Marriage License Office
Grant County Marriage License35 C Street NorthwestEphrataWA98823509-754-2011
Grant County Marriage & Divorce Records Databases
City of Ephrata Burial Records
Grant County Auditor Marriage Records
Grant County Auditor Website
Grant County Auditor's Office Website
Grant County Divorce Certificates
Grant County Health District Vital Records
Grant County Marriage Certificates & Records
Washington State Archives
Married Couples16,621 (54.5%)
Unmarried Couples2,602 (2.8%)
Never Married Men12,035 (34.1%)
Never Married Women8,999 (26.0%)
Separated Men541 (1.5%)
Separated Women810 (2.3%)
Widowed Men997 (2.8%)
Widowed Women2,742 (7.9%)
Divorced Men3,765 (10.7%)
Divorced Women4,413 (12.7%)

How To Find Marriage Records in Grant County Washington

The marriage records are maintained at the county office in Washington. There is no central government agency that maintains such records. All of them come from different states including Washington. The information contained on these records is confidential and not intended for public viewing.

The vital records office in the state will only allow the requestor to search the record in person. They can also give a written request but this request needs to be filed with the circuit court. If you are looking for marriage records in Washington then it is very important that you request for the information from the correct place. You can use one of the methods as explained below.

Use of a Public Information Requestor: In Washington State there are many different public information providers who will make the request for your marriage records. You need to search for one that is approved by the county where the marriage has been performed and have a valid reason to do so. All such requests are checked before granting access to the information. It is important that you choose the right provider so as to avoid any hassles.

Use of an Estate Search Service: You can also use the services of the probate court where the marriage took place. Most of these services will charge you for the information you seek. There is some information that is free but this information may not be sufficient enough. The records that you find will include the name of the groom, bride and the parents of both the parties involved in the marriage. You also find out if there were any children from previous marriages.

Use of an Affiliate Program: You can also get information about the records from the major search engines like Google, MSN and Yahoo. There are paid programs as well as the free ones. Some of the affiliates offer you with a list of links that contain all the details regarding the records that you seek. Such paid programs also provide with all the contact information of the record providers. You can either visit them personally or use the provided hyperlink to directly go to their website and get all the information that you need.

Marriage License Records: Another source of finding marriage records in Washington would be to approach the county office where the marriage took place. These county offices generally maintain the marriage license records of the people who got married in their states. This information is not shared with anyone else unless the request is made for it. However, there are instances when the request is made and the information is supplied. In such cases, the fee is charged on the basis of the number of records requested.