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Marriage Records in Wicking County – How to Find Marriage Records

In 18akura, W. Va., a lady asked the clerk of court for the marriage records in Winchester Virginia in an attempt to learn more about her own marriage. Her partner had died in an accident some six years before, and she now desired a copy of his marriage license so that she could have it certified before presenting it at the cemetery. The lady was not alone in her quest. Many women in W. Va. are interested in the records and wait with eager interest for the day when they can obtain their own copies.

For decades, marriage records in W. Va. were considered to be the responsibility of the church office. They had to hide the information and only revealed it to those involved in the marriage. They would only release the record if the couple involved in the union would promise never to bring the record into public view. It was a solemn pledge made by many in W. Va.

However, times have changed and it has become much easier to obtain such records. Today, one can simply go online and search for marriage records in W. Va. through the Internet. There are several websites that have put together complete information about each county’s vital records which are now easily accessible. By going to one of these sites, you can obtain information on marriages that occurred in the past and the present.

One would be astounded by the volume of information that is available. You can obtain the date and location of the wedding as well as the names of the couple, witnesses and even the photographer. In addition, one can also learn about the parents, the officiator, witnesses, the reason for the wedding and the reasons for the termination of the ceremony. Such records are helpful in conducting genealogical research.

Of course, it is not just the bride and groom who can gain access to such details. Other family members who may be interested would also be able to obtain these records. If you are interested in finding long-lost relatives, you can do this by going to one of the ancestry sites available. Just type in the person’s name, age, place of birth and sometimes the location where they would have settled if they had lived.

It would also help to check out the newspaper if there are any marriage records for a certain period of time. For instance, if you are researching someone from the 1800s, it would be very helpful to see if such information is available. By going online, you can easily conduct such searches and save lots of time. However, you should be very careful when using free sites to obtain marriage records. There are instances when these sites contain unreliable data that has been published already many times.