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NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
Sterling County Marriage & Divorce Records Office
Sterling County ClerkPO Box 55SterlingTX76951325-378-5191
Sterling County Marriage & Divorce Records Databases
Sterling County Divorce Certificates
Sterling County Genealogy Records
Sterling County Marriage Certificates & Records
Married Couples218 (47.2%)
Unmarried Couples17 (1.5%)
Never Married Men98 (22.4%)
Never Married Women27 (6.4%)
Separated Men42 (9.6%)
Separated Women13 (3.1%)
Widowed Men3 (0.7%)
Widowed Women78 (18.6%)
Divorced Men59 (13.5%)
Divorced Women86 (20.5%)

How to Do a Marriage Records Search Online?

There are several reasons why one would want to access public marriage records in Sterling County Texas. These documents may include information about the couple as well as their parents, and even the people in the wedding party. Some of these documents were filed legally while others were filed with just the personal details of the couple involved. Public marriage records are kept in several different places depending on what jurisdiction the records are from. Texas is one of the many states that have a record keeping laws that require every county to keep these records.

A person can request these records through the courts in Texas or directly through the Department of Public Health Services. If you need to do a public record search, you will find that there are different ways to go about doing this. You may choose to visit your local court house for information, or you may decide to use an online records search service. The most popular way to find out someone’s marriage records is to use an online records search service.

An online records search service will give you results very quickly. This is because all the work has been done by professionals. They have to find all the marriage records that are available so that they can create and maintain the databases. If you want to do a search yourself you can, but the work is much slower. If you try to do a manual search the process will take longer.

You will be able to view the marriage license, proof of the marriage and some of the other information about the wedding. It is very rare to get the certificate of marriage but it does happen from time to time. Another good reason to use a public records search is that you can always view the original document. If you do not know the name of the person who had the marriage then you will know what the marriage was like.

You should try and get as many records as you can from different places. If you live in Dallas then you will want to call each of the places to find the marriage records for each person. If you live in Houston then you will want to call their offices to see if they have the records. A good public records website will let you search for free so that you know that you are getting everything that you can.

You may be able to find some information on the people that you are searching for. Some of the information may even tell you where they got married and when. Once you have the marriage records in Sterling County, Texas then you can start researching any other information that you need.