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NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
Rusk County Marriage & Divorce Records Offices
Rusk County Clerk's Office115 North Main StreetHendersonTX75652903-657-0330
Henderson City Hall400 West Main StreetHendersonTX75652903-657-6551
New London City Hall180 Phillips StreetOvertonTX75684903-895-4466
Tatum City Hall680 Crystal Farms RoadTatumTX75691903-947-2260
Rusk County Marriage & Divorce Records Databases
Rusk County Clerk Website
Rusk County Divorce Certificates
Rusk County Library Website
Rusk County Marriage Certificates & Records
Married Couples9,730 (54.1%)
Unmarried Couples745 (1.5%)
Never Married Men7,166 (31.6%)
Never Married Women4,586 (22.8%)
Separated Men468 (2.1%)
Separated Women510 (2.5%)
Widowed Men893 (3.9%)
Widowed Women2,459 (12.2%)
Divorced Men2,754 (12.2%)
Divorced Women2,521 (12.5%)

The Basics of Texas Marriage Records

Marriage Records in Rusk County Texas is one of the most vital pieces of documentation you will ever need. Not only do they tell you who is married, where the wedding took place, and when, but they also give you important information about the actual couple. There are certain times when this information is absolutely necessary such as when someone applies for a driver’s license or when someone goes to renew a civil service contract. If you were ever looking for a person’s marriage records, then all you have to do is go to the Texas Vital Statistics Office (often referred to as the DMV) and fill out an application stating your intent to request records pertaining to the names and dates of their marriages and then wait for the records to be mailed to you. You will need to pay a small fee if you want the records in person, but you don’t have to pay if you mail them to you.

You can search for marriage records in Rusk County by using any one of the major search engines online. Just type in “marriages in Rusk County Texas” to find out exactly what you can find or just use your favorite search engine to do some basic research on your own. Once you have located the records you are seeking, you can either download them or print them if you would like. There isn’t a lot of information you won’t find in these types of records.

It is best to make sure that you know how old the marriage license is before you go looking for it. Most of the information that you will need to get the records is found on the application itself. If you can’t find the information on the application then you will have to take the person’s word for it. Even if it was just said that they were now married, you should still go ahead and get the records. You never know what could be lurking around the corner.

Another thing to consider before you go and get one of these records is if there are any children involved in the marriage. This isn’t always an issue, but it’s something to think about. Of course, if there are no children involved then the marriage is not required to be registered. However, it is important to make sure that the person you want to look up really was married in Texas.

In addition, if you know the names of the people involved in the marriage then it is easier to figure out their birth dates. This can actually be quite helpful to you as well. When you get the information you need from the records you go through, make sure that you keep all of the paper work. That way you can go back to it later and add anything else that you may have missed.

Marriage records are public record, so you can definitely access them from the comfort of your own home. If you happen to live in Rusk County, then you have some extra choices at your disposal as well. You can actually use the internet to search for marriage records for free right from your home. The key thing is that you use a reputable site for this. While it won’t give you all of the information that you would like to have, it will be good enough for most uses.