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NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
Limestone County Marriage & Divorce Records Offices
Limestone County ClerkPO Box 350GroesbeckTX76642254-729-5504
Limestone County Marriage License200 West State StreetGroesbeckTX76642254-729-5504
Groesbeck City Hall402 West Navasota StreetGroesbeckTX76642254-729-3293
Kosse City Hall105 South Narcissus StreetKosseTX76653254-375-2212
Tehuacana City Hall205 S RAILROAD StTehuacanaTX76686254-395-4408
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Married Couples4,274 (52.8%)
Unmarried Couples372 (1.7%)
Never Married Men3,450 (35.0%)
Never Married Women2,136 (23.2%)
Separated Men124 (1.3%)
Separated Women277 (3.0%)
Widowed Men387 (3.9%)
Widowed Women1,185 (12.9%)
Divorced Men1,277 (13.0%)
Divorced Women1,203 (13.1%)

Where to Find Marriage Records in Limestone County Texas

Have you ever had a need to find out the marital history of someone? Maybe you want to verify if they really did marry that person in Texas. Maybe you have an upcoming special event and would like to see if they were still legally married before letting everyone attend. Whatever your reasons for wanting to find these records, it is much easier today than ever before because of the availability of marriage records in Limestone County Texas.

Although these records are usually kept in the county where the wedding took place, you can also request them from the Texas Vital Statistics Office in Austin. They also keep records of same sex marriages, which will be very helpful if you have a partner who is not on the list. If you want to find marriage records, one place you should definitely check out is the Lubbock Public Records Office. You can go down there and either mail or fax in any information that you need, and they will help you find everything you need. This office also offers a free annual search as well.

Another place that you can look into marriage records in Texas is the Texas State Department of Public Safety. These records can be requested from the Texas Vital Statistics Office, but it might take some time depending on how busy they are. You should not worry though, because the state keeps records for you! It is highly likely that they have the information you are looking for, and they are supposed to send it to you within twenty-four hours. The only downfall to this option is that it can cost you around forty dollars for a basic request, but it is definitely worth the price.

You can also try checking out the websites of the county where the marriage took place. Most counties have these records available to their webmasters, so you may want to check yours out as well. The good thing about these sites is that they usually have more information than the websites mentioned above. Besides the records, they may also include information about the parents and the children of the couple if it was a divorce.

If you are trying to find out more information about your past, you can contact the county clerk of court as well. Although you may get the information on the internet, it can take some time to get a response, and not everyone gives much information. Most of them only give information about the parties involved and the birthplaces of both parties, but the social security number and other vital information can not be obtained without a court order.

Lastly, try to ask friends and family who may know of someone that you are searching for. You never know who might have some relevant marriage records. Keep in mind that people tend to lie when they try to hide something from someone else. However, if you have more than one method of getting information, then you might as well use them.