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NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
La Salle County Marriage & Divorce Records Offices
La Salle County Clerk101 Courthouse SquareCotullaTX78014940-459-2441
La Salle County Marriage License101 Courthouse SquareCotullaTX78014830-483-5120
Cotulla City Hall117 North Front StreetCotullaTX78014830-879-2367
La Salle County Marriage & Divorce Records Databases
La Salle County Clerk Website
La Salle County Divorce Certificates
La Salle County Marriage Certificates & Records
Married Couples1,170 (51.2%)
Unmarried Couples130 (2.0%)
Never Married Men1,437 (39.8%)
Never Married Women727 (29.0%)
Separated Men56 (1.6%)
Separated Women17 (0.7%)
Widowed Men224 (6.2%)
Widowed Women307 (12.2%)
Divorced Men276 (7.6%)
Divorced Women233 (9.3%)

Where to Find Marriage Records in LA County

There are a number of different ways that you can obtain information about marriage records in La Salle County. Of course, you may not want to hire an attorney and spend your money obtaining these records on your own. So, here are the ways that you can obtain these documents that will help you. First, if you are willing to spend some time at the library in person or online, you should be able to find marriage records in La Salle County. This means visiting the major county building and looking through the micro-fiche files that are kept there.

You may also want to try a free service provided by the internet. These sites usually have some form of county records online for download. Sometimes the results will be a little incomplete, but it is usually worth trying as it is free of charge. It is also a great way to check out the records from any part of the state as long as you live in that state and they are in that county.

If the free marriage records that you are looking for do not work, then you may have to turn to some of the paid online services. Most of the paid services allow you to access the records from as many states as you like. The downside is that some of the records that these services offer are not completely accurate. So, it is possible for the information that you receive to be outdated. However, it can be of great use to look up records of someone who has already married and had other children in the past.

Another method of obtaining copies of marriage records online is by using the mail. You can go to your local courthouse and request a copy of the records. However, this method is not free as you still have to pay for the records and most counties charge for this. Also, you can only request records for one person in the county where you were married, or else you will have to make multiple requests.

The final option for obtaining marriage records in La Salle County is by using the Internet. There are a number of online sites that allow you to access their free records, but most of these are only a database of marriage records. This means that if you want to look up records of someone who died in another state, you will probably have to get the records from their official government site. This does not mean however that these sites are not good, but you should invest in a reliable online search program that can help you get the details you need quickly.

Marriage records are important to anyone who wants to trace their family tree. They give you a lot of information about the people involved and where they were married. For example, if someone was married in Texas, they could have children in that state, or they might not. So, looking up records from somewhere else is useful because it helps you understand the flow of family history. Whatever your reasons for using an online service to search for public records, you can be sure that you’ll find everything you need at a reasonable price when you use a website specializing in searching and retrieving marriage records from all over the country.