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NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
King County Marriage & Divorce Records Office
King County ClerkPO Box 135GuthrieTX79236806-596-4412
King County Marriage & Divorce Records Databases
King County Clerk County Records
King County Divorce Certificates
King County Marriage Certificates & Records
Married Couples59 (58.4%)
Unmarried Couples
Never Married Men34 (27.0%)
Never Married Women19 (19.6%)
Separated Men9 (7.1%)
Separated Women
Widowed Men2 (1.6%)
Widowed Women5 (5.2%)
Divorced Men8 (6.3%)
Divorced Women9 (9.3%)

How to Search For Marriage Records Online

If you are looking for Texas marriage records, then a simple online search will help you locate the information that you need quickly and easily. Texas marriage records are maintained by several different branches of the state government. In Texas, all of the county branches except the district attorney maintain these vital records. The major counties, including Travis, Hays, Hidalgo and Burnet, also have marriage record databases. By doing an online search, you can find the information you need within minutes.

Online records searches make it easy to locate marriage records in Texas by using various criteria. You can use the name of the couple or the initials of either the name or the last name of the couple, depending on your search needs. You can also use the state of Texas where the event took place, if you know that information. This helps you narrow down your search to specific locations.

Most states have marriage records available for public access on the internet. For more information regarding this type of record, you may want to try a paid site that offers this information. Free sites only publish limited information regarding marriages, divorce records, and obituaries. Marriage records are not included with these records.

Free sites require a minimal amount of information before they provide you with their results. The records that they provide to you are usually limited to marriage and divorce records. They may also give you access to other public records such as birth and death records, but these are not available for free.

You should try using online services that offer free searches of public records first, if you really want to get as much information regarding a specific person or in a particular location. Free services are usually good for narrow searches. These online databases that offer free searches of public records usually make sure to gather the right information about the subject that you are searching for first before giving you the information that you requested. The information that you will get is usually well-documented and supported by sources. These databases also keep track of the records from different jurisdictions around the world, and so you can be sure that you are getting the right information.

If you want to get the most recent information regarding marriage records, it would be best to go online and pay for what you need. This is because paying can usually get you the information that you are looking for in just a matter of seconds. You will not waste time, money, and effort in searching for marriage records if you opt to pay for your search. And if you do happen to find the information that you need, you will have it to prove that your spouse is indeed married and that he or she has been legally divorced.