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Kendall County Marriage Certificates & Records
Kendall County Marriage & Divorce Records Offices
Kendall County Clerk201 East San Antonio AvenueBoerneTX78006830-249-9343
Kendall County Marriage License201 East San Antonio AvenueBoerneTX78006830-249-9343
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Kendall County Clerk Website
Kendall County Divorce Certificates
Kendall County Genealogy Records
Married Couples8,580 (62.7%)
Unmarried Couples579 (1.5%)
Never Married Men4,126 (26.1%)
Never Married Women3,714 (22.0%)
Separated Men174 (1.1%)
Separated Women295 (1.7%)
Widowed Men416 (2.6%)
Widowed Women1,443 (8.6%)
Divorced Men1,516 (9.6%)
Divorced Women1,879 (11.1%)

Marriage Records in Kendall County Texas – Finding Marriage Records by County

In Texas, marriage records are considered to be public information. They are maintained by the Texas Vital Statistics Office and are obtained from the Texas Vital Statistics Office in the State of Texas through a request or an order. Because they are considered public information, you can access them online or from any number of approved sources.

Public information in Texas includes birth, death and marriage records. These records have been made available for anyone who is requesting it through the Freedom of Information Act. This means that anyone is legally allowed to view this information for whatever purposes they see fit. If you are looking for information on someone, you do not have to resort to extreme methods such as hiring a private investigator or going on a wild goose chase.

If you need to find marriage records in Texas, you can use several different ways. You can: look in the public records office in your county; contact the Texas Vital Statistics Office for further information; and conduct your own search online. All three of these methods are available. There is no reason why you couldn’t use one or more of them if you need to obtain marriage records for some reason.

To start, you will want to check with the county where the person got married. Sometimes the records are not kept where the marriage was performed. In other counties, they may be kept at county headquarters. The records are then forwarded to the state office for storage. Some of the states may charge a small fee for accessing the records.

You can also try to access the records from the Texas Vital Statistics Office website. You can pay a fee to get this information, but it will typically be more accurate than any other method. You also have the added benefit of viewing more records, which may allow you to learn more about a person.

You can use any one of these methods to conduct your own research. Just be sure to check with the local government agency that handles marriage records first, as they will provide you with the most current information. If you still have further questions, you can call the office for assistance. They can help you search for any records that you need to know about. Finding marriage records in Kendall County Texas can be easy when you know how to go about it.