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NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
Henderson County Clerk Office
Henderson County Clerk125 North Prairieville StreetAthensTX75751903-675-6140
Henderson County Town & City Halls
Athens City Hall508 East Tyler StreetAthensTX75751903-675-5131
Berryville City Hall23170 County Road 4117FrankstonTX75763903-876-2371
Brownsboro City Hall11351 WillowBrownsboroTX75756903-852-2401
Caney City Hall15241 Barron RoadMalakoffTX75148903-489-1844
Chandler City Hall811 Texas 31ChandlerTX75758903-849-6853
Coffee County City Hall7019 Pleasant Ridge RdFrankstonTX75763903-876-3414
Eustace City Hall107 Edgar StreetEustaceTX75124903-425-4702
Malakoff City Hall109 S MeltonMalakoffTX75148903-489-0699
Murchison City Hall9540 Farm to Market Road 773MurchisonTX75778903-469-3710
Trinidad City Hall212 Park StTrinidadTX75163903-778-2525
Henderson County Marriage License Office
Henderson County Marriage License200 East HoustonAthensTX75751903-935-4858
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Henderson County Clerk's Office County Records
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Henderson County Marriage Certificates & Records
Married Couples17,015 (55.9%)
Unmarried Couples1,654 (2.1%)
Never Married Men7,672 (24.4%)
Never Married Women6,714 (19.8%)
Separated Men539 (1.7%)
Separated Women748 (2.2%)
Widowed Men1,441 (4.6%)
Widowed Women4,058 (12.0%)
Divorced Men3,814 (12.1%)
Divorced Women4,309 (12.7%)

Marriage Records Is Easy to Find

Texas marriage records are considered to be public information. It is important for anyone that wants to do some background check on someone to find out what’s there. This information can come in very handy when someone is looking for a possible neighbor or someone of the opposite sex. For example, you might have a crush on a girl that you would like to marry. However, you don’t want to wait until that girl comes of age and you can legally tie the knot. Now, you can order copies of the marriage license yourself very easily in Henderson County.

There are several reasons you might want to do a public records search on someone. It could be that you want to check up on the information provided on a person’s social security card. It might be because you’re wondering if they’re a reliable person to take care of your children. It might even be because you’re just in a quandary about whether or not you should disclose some info about yourself online.

If you’ve ever needed to do some digging into the past of someone, you might have found some interesting bits of information by searching up marriage records. The process isn’t that complicated, but it can be time consuming. In fact, there are a number of places you could try. You can use the government sites, which contain millions of records. Of course, most of these aren’t free (as in the costs to put them online).

Then there’s the question of paying to get a copy of someone’s records. You can do this through some of the paid record search sites online. However, the information you’ll receive will be somewhat lacking compared to the official government sites. There may also be an administrative fee, although these are minimal.

Lastly, you can try doing a free search. In theory, you’d be able to retrieve all kinds of public information on almost any citizen. Unfortunately, free searches rarely lead to the desired results.

So, if you’re interested in learning more about marriage records, the best advice is to either search for marriage records on the internet yourself, or to hire a professional who can perform the search for you. Either way, you should expect to pay for the information. While the price may seem steep at first, it’s usually worth what you’ll pay. And the benefits of knowing all sorts of personal information about people far outweigh the cost of hiring someone to do the search.