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NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
Hall County Marriage & Divorce Records Offices
Hall County Clerk512 West Main StreetMemphisTX79245806-259-2627
Hall County Marriage License512 West Main StreetMemphisTX79245806-259-2627
Lakeview City Hall13400 Highway 256LakeviewTX79239806-867-2111
Turkey City Hall602 Lyles StreetTurkeyTX79261806-423-1033
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Hall County Marriage Certificates & Records
Married Couples617 (49.6%)
Unmarried Couples53 (1.7%)
Never Married Men319 (26.0%)
Never Married Women318 (24.7%)
Separated Men1 (0.1%)
Separated Women27 (2.1%)
Widowed Men83 (6.8%)
Widowed Women124 (9.6%)
Divorced Men146 (11.9%)
Divorced Women176 (13.6%)

How to Look Up Marriage Records

As part of their responsibility to protect the confidentiality of these vital records, each county in Texas maintains its own set of public marriage records. In Hall County, Texas, each county’s records are kept separately under the laws of the state. Under Texas law, all records must be publicly available for viewing by anyone who has a legitimate reason to do so and who won’t be denied access to such records. To obtain access to marriage records in Texas, you need to either apply for a search or you can pay a fee to a private or public records search provider. State-funded records are more easily found and accessible, but they’re also more expensive.

Most state-funded records providers provide free of charge access to public marriage records. However, many services charge reasonable fees to store and deliver their records to the public on a regular basis. The information provided by most records providers includes names, locations, and dates of marriage, along with the names of the two people involved and their parents or legal guardians. A few records also include vital statistics like birth and death records as well as criminal history information. Marriage records that have been deleted or obliterated are also available through some records providers.

If you’re interested in checking marriage information yourself in Hall County Texas, it’s best to go to the city hall or county clerk’s office instead of the county itself. This is because state laws don’t allow a person to marry or remarry without obtaining the consent of the county clerk. You’ll need to go in person to obtain this information. The only people who would benefit from this information are those who were not legally married in Texas when the event occurred, or are the legal children of someone who was married in Texas. You’ll need to provide your personal information such as name, address, date of birth, social security number, driver’s license number, and other information to the clerk. Typically, you’ll have to wait at least five days before you can go to your courthouse to get this information.

If you’re looking for information about someone else’s marriage records in Hall County Texas, you may be able to get some information for free. In some cases, you might be able to get court records, but these aren’t typically part of the public record. Free marriage records information in Hall County are usually available from the clerk’s office in the county.

To search for marriage records in Hall County Texas, you can contact the Texas Vital Statistics Office for the records you need. Some of the documents you may be able to access our certified copies, which can be approved for public records by the courts. Certified copies of this information are very important, as they will allow someone to have legal standing to claim inheritance benefits if they die within a certain period of time after the marriage. These are the only types of records that aren’t available through the public records system.

The state of Texas doesn’t keep national records. Instead, all of the information on the marriage records is kept in the records of each county. This means that you might be able to access some of the records when you search for marriage records in Hall County Texas. However, you’ll probably still have to go through the courts and make sure that the person you want to look up has the legal standing to file for the divorce, or it wouldn’t matter because there wouldn’t be any public records available to you.