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NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
Colorado County Marriage & Divorce Records Offices
Colorado County Clerk400 Spring StreetColumbusTX78934979-732-6561
Colorado County Marriage License400 Spring StreetColumbusTX78934409-732-2155
Eagle Lake City Hall100 East Main StreetEagle LakeTX77434979-234-2640
Weimar City Hall106 East Main StreetWeimarTX78962979-725-8554
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Colorado County Clerk Website
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Colorado County Marriage Certificates & Records
Married Couples4,157 (54.7%)
Unmarried Couples322 (1.6%)
Never Married Men2,532 (30.6%)
Never Married Women2,194 (25.8%)
Separated Men117 (1.4%)
Separated Women117 (1.4%)
Widowed Men336 (4.1%)
Widowed Women953 (11.2%)
Divorced Men662 (8.0%)
Divorced Women961 (11.3%)

Marriage Records in Colorado County Texas

What are Colorado County Texas marriage records? These are the vital records which serve as a vital reference for those who would like to get married. It is also a good idea to find out about marriage records of someone who has moved to a new place and wants to verify that his records are up to date and that they are legally recognized as they have been before. With marriage records in Texas, you will be able to easily search for marriage license records and find out if the person you are planning to marry is already married or not.

To be able to find these records, all you need to do is to look for the vital records office in your county and request for a copy of the marriage license which was filed when the person got married. This record will then serve as your legal evidence in cases of divorce or for annulment. The state is mandated to provide you with these records so you can take full legal recourse against anyone who has fraudulently obtained or attempted to obtain your records by any means. For you to be able to access these records, you have to comply with the state laws.

Colorado County Texas marriage records can be very revealing and may even tell you things about the character of the person who was married to you. You can use the information to determine the relationship the two of you had before the marriage. It may also give you information about your family and other members in your community.

Marriage records can be helpful to you in various ways. If you plan to remarry, you can use the information to trace the previous marriages of the person you are marrying. It can also help you find out if there are other people who are related to your past partner. If you have children together, it can be useful to remarry them since the divorce rate is high these days.

These records are kept in two different places. They are kept in the county where the marriage took place and are available to the public. The records can also be found online and you can search for them in the Colorado State Library. However, you may need to pay a fee for any of these records.

Before you start using these records, you will have to provide some personal information about yourself so that the records can be found properly. You will need the last name, the wedding date and the location of the marriage. It will also be useful to provide the social security number of both persons. This is basically needed to track down the person in case you need to verify information given to you.