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NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
Collingsworth County Marriage & Divorce Records Office
Collingsworth County Marriage License800 W. Avenue, Box 10WellingtonTX79095806-447-2408
Collingsworth County Marriage & Divorce Records Databases
Collingsworth County Clerk Website
Collingsworth County Divorce Certificates
Collingsworth County Marriage Certificates & Records
Married Couples667 (60.7%)
Unmarried Couples72 (2.4%)
Never Married Men352 (29.3%)
Never Married Women231 (19.1%)
Separated Men35 (2.9%)
Separated Women31 (2.6%)
Widowed Men5 (0.4%)
Widowed Women219 (18.1%)
Divorced Men77 (6.4%)
Divorced Women75 (6.2%)

How to Search Marriage Records in Collingsworth County Texas

There are several reasons why someone would want to conduct a search on marriage records in Collingsworth County Texas. You can perform a search by phone on the Texas Vital Statistics Office website to find out the current information. You can also contact them on the internet or by telephone to request a certified copy of any marriage records you may need. You can use the records to check up on the marital status of a prospective partner to ensure they are who they say they are. If you’re having doubts about your potential relationship, then this is one of the places you should check before jumping into anything too fast.

When it comes to conducting a record search, it’s important to know that marriage records in Texas aren’t free. You will be required to pay for any records that are requested and then you will be responsible for the cost of delivery. Depending on how many pages you require, this can add up to a lot of money, so make sure you are prepared to spend some money to get the information you want. Some record searches do still come with free copies.

Most of the records you will be able to find in Texas are in the state repository. These are files that have been compiled from all the different local authorities and the offices throughout the state. These are the most up to date and are the easiest to access, although some information available may already be in the public domain. To see a list of all the offices that provide marriage records in Texas, visit the Texas Vital Statistics Office website.

Some of the information you’ll be able to find in Texas marriage records include the name of the couple, the date of the wedding, and their parents’ names if known. You will also be able to obtain a short biography that usually includes a list of the children involved in the union. The marriage license itself may also be displayed on the record. This information is usually free, depending on which records you are searching. In some cases, you may still need to pay for a more detailed search if the person you’re searching for didn’t get a record or didn’t obtain a license to begin with. Marriage records are kept in various locations throughout the state.

Some of the websites that offer marriage records will charge a fee for their services. Others however allow you to perform an unlimited search for a flat fee. It really depends on how much information you need to search for. Some of the basic information you’ll receive from most of these sites include the names of the couple, the date of the ceremony, the location, and the marriage license number. Some of these sites also provide some additional information, such as the official’s signature, witnesses, a copy of the state’s official notice, and the official’s seal.

Marriage records are considered public information, so you may be able to find them in any public records database. If you don’t know how to use one of the search tools available online, there are still other ways to find them. Sometimes people forget to put something important in the box when filing and it ends up in the wrong file. Sometimes the information is just misplaced, which is frustrating. By using a public records search, you can quickly find out if there is any information that you need.