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NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
Camp County Marriage & Divorce Records Offices
Camp County Clerk126 Church StreetPittsburgTX75686903-856-2731
Camp County Marriage License126 Church StreetPittsburgTX75686903-856-2731
Pittsburg City Hall200 Rusk StreetPittsburgTX75686903-856-3621
Camp County Marriage & Divorce Records Databases
Camp County Clerk Website
Camp County Divorce Certificates
Camp County Marriage Certificates & Records
Pittsburg-Camp County Public Library Resources
Married Couples2,435 (51.5%)
Unmarried Couples196 (1.6%)
Never Married Men1,236 (26.3%)
Never Married Women1,307 (25.3%)
Separated Men107 (2.3%)
Separated Women151 (2.9%)
Widowed Men152 (3.2%)
Widowed Women711 (13.7%)
Divorced Men602 (12.8%)
Divorced Women398 (7.7%)

Texas Marriage Records – Camp County Guide

Texas marriage records are available to view in Texas through the Texas Vital Statistics Office (USTOS). This office keeps records of all marriages that have been legalized or not. These records include the name and the last name of the bride and groom, witnesses, time and place of marriage as well as the location. The recording of a marriage takes place in the office that is under the Department of State Health Services (DSHS) which is under the Department of Licensing and Regulation. The state of Texas is mandated to maintain all records and information in a systematic manner.

There are several reasons for accessing this record. In the event of marriage, it may be required by the state law to ensure the legal status of the marriage. Similarly, some government agencies may be mandated to keep track of information regarding any change in their records. The legal proceedings of the marriage will be kept in official files to make it easier for future reference. This is necessary to enable an individual to keep track of his or her family tree and other related information which pertains to a person’s past.

The information available may also be required by some government agencies. The process involves gathering the information from various establishments including the church where the ceremony has been held. This information is then submitted to the concerned office so it may be obtained easily in no time at all. This saves a lot of time and effort that otherwise would have been spent in searching for the relevant information.

Texas marriage records can be obtained from various authorized sources including the county clerk office, Federal and other state agencies, and other private parties. It may be possible that the parties involved in the wedding request the record which is legally binding. If the request is made for official reasons, it should be handed over to the concerned registrar in camp County, Texas. This should be done with utmost urgency since the laws of the state may vary in terms of handling the information.

There is no fee for viewing marriage records in Texas. A minimal service charge may be required however this should be paid only if you want to obtain further information about the record. However, the details you get out of viewing the record will not be used for any type of action. Such information may be disclosed to employers, genealogy associations, law enforcement agencies, attorneys and other professionals who need it for legal purposes.

Texas marriage records are not only useful in conducting genealogical research, but they are also important documents that allow a couple to trace their familial history. It is necessary for them to determine whether their family members were all together when they got married. This is especially important when the couple wants to trace their genealogy and trace their ancestors as well.