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NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
Brazoria County Clerk Offices
Brazoria County Clerk111 East Locust StreetAngletonTX77515979-864-1355
Brazoria County Clerk3801 East Pear StreetPearlandTX77581281-412-3399
Alvin City Clerk216 West Sealy StreetAlvinTX77511281-388-4257
Freeport Clerk200 West 2nd StreetFreeportTX77541979-239-3913
Brazoria County Town & City Halls
Alvin City Hall216 West Sealy StreetAlvinTX77511281-388-4200
Angleton City Hall121 South Velasco StreetAngletonTX77515979-849-4364
Arcola City Hall13222 Highway 6RosharonTX77583281-431-0606
Clute City Hall108 East Main StreetCluteTX77531979-265-4551
Freeport City Hall200 West 2nd StreetFreeportTX77541979-233-3527
Lake Jackson City Hall25 Oak DriveLake JacksonTX77566979-415-2400
Liverpool City Hall8901 County Road 171LiverpoolTX77577281-581-2233
Manvel City Hall20025 Highway 6ManvelTX77578281-489-0630
Pearland City Hall3519 Liberty DrivePearlandTX77581281-652-1600
Quintana Town Hall814 Lamar StQuintanaTX77541979-233-0848
Sweeny City Hall102 East Ashley-Wilson RoadSweenyTX77480979-548-3321
West Columbia City Hall512 East Brazos AvenueWest ColumbiaTX77486979-345-3123
Brazoria County Marriage License Office
Brazoria County Marriage License111 East Locust StreetAngletonTX77515979-864-1355
Brazoria County Marriage & Divorce Records Databases
Brazoria County Clerk's Office County Records
Brazoria County Divorce Certificates
Brazoria County Marriage Certificates & Records
Married Couples68,511 (58.5%)
Unmarried Couples6,066 (1.8%)
Never Married Men40,873 (30.2%)
Never Married Women32,683 (24.6%)
Separated Men2,130 (1.6%)
Separated Women2,394 (1.8%)
Widowed Men3,041 (2.2%)
Widowed Women9,943 (7.5%)
Divorced Men12,828 (9.5%)
Divorced Women14,278 (10.7%)

How to Find Marriage Records in Brazoria County Texas

Marriage Records in Brazoria County Texas is maintained by the Texas Vital Statistics Office of the State of Texas. All the information in the records consists of the personal particulars and the details regarding the marriage like the names of the couple, witnesses, parents, witnesses and so on. You can obtain these records by following the procedure laid down by the state office. It can be searched either on the Internet or in person, if you wish to. You will have to pay a nominal fee for getting these records but it is worth the information and the paper work that you will get in return.

Texas Marriage Records in Brazoria County Texas is accessible from various public records databases over the World Wide Web. You can find the details about someone through this resource at no cost at all. The entire process is done online and that too absolutely free of cost. In fact it can be described as an out of sight, out of mind kind of service provided by the government of Texas. The process is automated and that is why there is no need to work hard in order to get all the information about the prospective partner.

There are different public records databases available over the World Wide Web. Some of them have been developed by private organizations and some by the government. However, you cannot rely on the latter source for obtaining any information regarding public records because they do not maintain the same updating and informative database as the former does.

You should make sure to visit the official website of the County where the marriage took place so that you can obtain all the relevant information regarding the marriage record. If you do not have time to go to the County office, then you can check out the official website of your State or County where you think the marriage took place or you can even visit the Texas Vital Statistics Office or the Department of Public Health website and check out the marriage records of the State where you live. This will save you a lot of time. However, you have to remember that the results that you will obtain from any of these sources will be very limited because all the public information is considered as public record.

On the other hand, if you want to use the resources available on the World Wide Web for gathering public records then you might end up being disappointed. First of all, the information that is in the public records is not updated and will only give you broad details regarding the marital status of the person. It will not give you the complete details about the person. Hence, it is not reliable in order to conduct a background check on someone. You should make sure that you use the services of an official government agency that has complete and up-to-date information about a particular person’s marital status.

Nevertheless, you have a wide range of choices when it comes to using the search engines in order to look for marriage records in Brazoria County Texas. All you need to do is to enter the name of the person in question and wait for the result. The results will be displayed on the screen for you to check out. If you are not satisfied with the results then you can always hire a private investigator to conduct the search for you. Most people do not like to hire an investigator because they feel it is too expensive and intrusive but if you really need to conduct a public record search then I suggest you use all available resources to get the information. After all, it is your own money that you are spending.