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NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
Andrews County Marriage & Divorce Records Offices
Andrews County ClerkPO Box 727AndrewsTX79714432-524-1426
Andrews County Marriage License215 Northwest 1st StreetAndrewsTX79714915-524-1426
Andrews County Marriage & Divorce Records Databases
Andrews County Clerk Website
Andrews County Divorce Certificates
Andrews County Genealogy Records
Married Couples 3,460 (63.9%)
Unmarried Couples 258 (1.5%)
Never Married Men 1,884 (28.4%)
Never Married Women 1,522 (24.0%)
Separated Men 71 (1.1%)
Separated Women 186 (2.9%)
Widowed Men 136 (2.1%)
Widowed Women 481 (7.6%)
Divorced Men 743 (11.2%)
Divorced Women 739 (11.7%)

Where Can I Find Marriage Records in Andrews County Texas?

Marriage Records in Andrews County Texas

Getting marriage records in Andrews County, Texas is much like looking for any other public records. There are specific procedures to follow and certain information you need to have at hand. The process varies slightly by the county (absent a city) and sometimes by the state (for instance, Texas only requires the name of the couple). If you’re looking for marriage records for Texas, then you know that you’ll need to know the names of the two people involved, the date of the ceremony, the names of the parents and witnesses and the issue of alimony. Also, you need to be able to provide some basic information about the wedding like the location, the amount paid and when it was held.

When you want to search for marriage records in Texas, one of the best options is to do a search online. There are many reputable commercial providers of this service who can help you with the search. Some of these services may be free, while others will charge you a nominal fee. The reason why some people opt to pay for their records is because it’s more reliable than the free ones. In some cases, the results are also quicker.

In addition, some commercial providers will offer to also offer access to free public records as well. You won’t find marriage records on these sites, however. This isn’t because they don’t have the information. It’s just that they don’t have a database ready that will allow you to perform a search on the site. They also don’t guarantee the information that you get, so be wary if you choose to use their services.

When searching for marriage records in Texas, it’s also important to keep in mind the laws that govern public records there. While it is illegal for a government entity such as a county to hold these records for public scrutiny, the state does not actually enforce this law. There are still strict regulations that surround the release of such information. For example, marriage records can only be released to licensed applicants who follow certain procedures and have otherwise met other requirements. This way, only the person in question can obtain the record and not just anyone else.

If you’re not sure whether or not the information that you want is actually available, you may want to consider using one of the commercial databases. These services make the information available by charging a nominal fee for access. However, you must be aware that since the information has been compiled by professionals, the quality of the information can be fairly high. But, it’s still a small price to pay when compared to paying a private firm to do the job for you. Especially considering the fact that there are no charges imposed for using these databases.

You may want to use an online website that offers access to public records. There are several reliable sites that have already compiled a large database with marriage records from all over Texas. Many times, these sites will offer a membership option. The price of the membership is nominal and worth the cost if you need to search for records of someone who was married in Andrews County.