Polk County Tennessee Marriage Records

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NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
Polk County Marriage & Divorce Records Offices
Polk County ClerkPO Box 158BentonTN37307423-338-4526
Polk County Marriage License6239 U.s. 411BentonTN37307423-338-4526
Benton City Hall6496 U.s. 411BentonTN37307423-338-5733
Copperhill City Clerk152 Main StreetCopperhillTN37317423-496-5141
Ducktown City Clerk327 Main StreetDucktownTN423-496-3546
Polk County Marriage & Divorce Records Databases
Polk County Marriage Certificates & Records
Married Couples 4,087 (58.2%)
Unmarried Couples 312 (1.9%)
Never Married Men 1,666 (24.1%)
Never Married Women 966 (13.7%)
Separated Men 67 (1.0%)
Separated Women 85 (1.2%)
Widowed Men 188 (2.7%)
Widowed Women 795 (11.2%)
Divorced Men 847 (12.2%)
Divorced Women 921 (13.0%)

How to Search Marriage Records in Polk County

Checking the public marriage records in Polk County is one of the basic requisites if you are looking for information about marriages or divorces in Tennessee. These records are technically maintained and updated by the vital statistics office of the state. The information provided in the reports can be accessed by any member of the public either by paying a fee or free of charge. It is basically a record of all marriages and the related details about them. Each state has got their own set of regulations regarding marriage and these are generally referred to as “marriages records”.

The main aim behind the maintenance of such a register is to make it easier for people to locate old friends and relatives. This helps the people to keep track of the family tree and learn about the marriage history of a person. However, this service has also been used for some very important purposes. It is an ideal source of finding out about the marital status of someone else, if you happen to have an old schoolmate, a childhood friend or an acquaintance you are looking for. Searching through such records can help you find out whether you are compatible with that person or not.

There are various different ways through which you can access marriage records in Polk County. If you are planning to perform a regular search, you can simply visit the county office for a direct physical address of a record holder. However, if you want to get more information about a particular person, you can either look up at the records of that person online or you can approach a private investigator who will perform a search using his or her skills and experience. However, conducting such searches using private investigators will cost you quite a sum of money.

There are several legal databases that can help you get a hold of marriage records in Polk County. You can make use of the Vital Records website of the state to search for marriage records. All that you need to do is provide some basic information like the names of the couple and their parents and their current addresses. The website will then search all the marriage records of the state so as to provide you with the most recent information. This method is the fastest way of obtaining such information.

However, there are certain limitations of this method. The database provided by the Vital Records website has been outdated and does not contain information from previous years. Moreover, only some of the records may be available for your search. The information about marriages that are found in the database are generally derived from the public records available from the county offices and other relevant agencies. Thus, it is not very reliable.

The third alternative is to make use of the online records directories that can help you search for such records. Such directories generally charge you a nominal fee for conducting a detailed search. The major advantage of such directories is that they allow you to search multiple people using only a single login ID and password. They also provide updated and accurate information by regularly updating themselves with the official records. However, their databases do not contain data about minor children and divorce cases.

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