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NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
McMinn County Marriage & Divorce Records Offices
McMinn County Marriage License5 South Hill StreetAthensTN37303423-745-4440
Mcminn County Clerk5 South Hill StreetAthensTN37303423-745-4440
Athens City Hall815 North Jackson StreetAthensTN37303423-744-2780
Englewood City Hall111 South Niota RoadEnglewoodTN37329423-887-7224
Niota City Hall201 Main StreetNiotaTN37826423-568-2584
McMinn County Marriage & Divorce Records Databases
E.G. Fisher Public Library Website
McMinn County Clerk Marriage Applications
McMinn County History and Genealogy Society Website
McMinn County Marriage Certificates & Records
Married Couples 10,432 (51.3%)
Unmarried Couples 922 (1.8%)
Never Married Men 5,786 (27.7%)
Never Married Women 4,501 (20.1%)
Separated Men 372 (1.8%)
Separated Women 577 (2.6%)
Widowed Men 955 (4.6%)
Widowed Women 2,634 (11.8%)
Divorced Men 2,874 (13.7%)
Divorced Women 3,374 (15.1%)

How to Find Marriage Records in Michigan

Marriage Records in McMinn County Tennessee

Marriage Records in McMinn County, Tennessee is maintained by the vital records office. The office was established in Davidson County to serve all residents of the county. This office is also responsible for administering the state’s Vital Records Act and the right to obtain copies of such records from other states. The purpose of this office is to safeguard the privacy rights of citizens while providing information about their ancestors and other matters relevant to genealogy. These records have been deemed important and legal, but they are not accessible for the public.

For a number of years, one could access marriage records in McMinn County through requests made personally or by requesting the records from the county recorder’s office. Now, the internet has provided people with a more convenient way of searching for these records. People can now obtain copies of marriage licenses from the Vital Records Office of Tennessee online. They can do it at their own convenience from the comfort of their homes. By doing so, one not only gets the records that they need quickly and easily, but also saves a lot of time and money that would have been spent on travelling to the county office and filing the necessary paperwork.

These records are now available online in two ways – free and fee-based. While searching for these records using the free method, one needs to fill up an application form and submit it. The application would include the name of the applicant, address, date and place of marriage, names of the groom and bride as well as parents of the couple, reasons for search and other information that the person wants to provide. This whole process usually takes about an hour from start to finish.

When submitting the form online, some information might be asked such as name, social security number, date and place of birth and others. After the submission is done, the desired record in turn will be sent to the individual’s email. When a request is made over the phone, however, the waiting time would be longer until the desired information can be replied to. If you are seriously interested in getting these documents then you should consider paying for the service that will give you the most convenience and ease.

If you are looking for marriage records in Michigan, you will surely find many of them online. Marriage record databases have grown to big collections of information. These online marriage records come in two formats-the fee-based records and the free record search. No matter which one you choose, it would be very helpful in your search for marriage records in Michigan.

Marriage records in Michigan are considered public record and are updated every year. Although there are several states that offer the same records as Michigan, the state laws differ from the other states. Therefore, it is better if you conduct your search over the internet because you will have more reliable information and will get the complete and accurate reports. This way you can save money from various fees that you might have to pay when having the services of a licensed copy agent.