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NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
Marshall County Marriage & Divorce Records Offices
Marshall County Clerk1107 Courthouse AnxLewisburgTN37091931-359-1072
Marshall County Marriage License1107 Courthouse AnnexLewisburgTN37091931-359-1072
Chapel Hill Town Hall2202 Unionville RoadChapel HillTN37034931-364-7632
Cornersville City Hall118 South Main StreetCornersvilleTN37047931-293-4482
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Marshall County Clerk Marriage Applications
Marshall County Clerk Marriage Records
Marshall County Genealogy Records (Kentucky)
Marshall County Health Department Website
Marshall County Marriage Certificates & Records
Marshall County Memorial Library Database
Married Couples 6,034 (50.2%)
Unmarried Couples 667 (2.1%)
Never Married Men 3,018 (24.3%)
Never Married Women 3,205 (24.3%)
Separated Men 370 (3.0%)
Separated Women 309 (2.3%)
Widowed Men 470 (3.8%)
Widowed Women 1,431 (10.9%)
Divorced Men 1,737 (14.0%)
Divorced Women 1,966 (14.9%)

Where to Find Marriage Records in Marshall County, Tennessee

Marriage Records in Marshall County Tennessee

If you are looking for marriage records in Marshall County, then the internet can provide you with a wealth of information. The best thing about using the internet is that you can find pretty much everything you want there. There are millions of records out there, and if you know where to look, you can get it for free. In the past, you would have had to hire someone to do it for you could be out of luck, but these days, you can do it without spending a dime.

A few places on the web can help you find marriage records in Marshall County. One place that you can start off is by checking out marriage license records. This is a great resource because they are guaranteed to be up to date and you will have access to every record in the country. Another place that you can go to is county-by-county websites. These will give you access to every record in your county. Most of the time, these are sites that charge a fee but you might be able to find some information for free.

When you are looking for marriage records, one of the main pieces of information you want to find is where the wedding took place. Some people like to keep track of their weddings in journals or scrapbooks. Others want to document them so they can find them later. There is no reason why you should have to keep all of the details that a wedding leaves behind.

Another good resource is a public record search. These are usually fairly cheap and you will get a lot of information. They will provide you with the names of the couple, the date of birth, the location of the wedding and more. You will also find out where the ceremony took place, what the legal age was at the time and more. You may even be able to find out the names of the parents or other people involved in the wedding.

For even more details, you might want to check with the local government office. There are marriage records available from the county courthouse. They will list all of the records for you and sometimes they will even let you download them directly to your computer. This would be a great way to save money if you were going to use a public record search. However, it is not a way to make sure you have the correct information.

Marriage records in Marshall County can help you research the past. If you have married before, there is plenty of information you can learn about your past spouses from these records. You can learn the names of people who may have been involved or know the person who was involved. It is nice to be able to relive the fun times and laugh at the mistakes you have made in the past.