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NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
Lawrence County Clerk Offices
Lawrence County Clerk200 West Gaines StreetLawrenceburgTN38464931-766-4176
Lawrence County Clerk2588 U.s. 43LeomaTN38468931-852-4775
Lawrence County Town & City Halls
Ethridge City Hall215 Depot StreetEthridgeTN38456931-829-2150
Iron City City Hall34 North Walnut StreetIron CityTN38463931-845-4520
Loretto City Hall415 North Military StreetLorettoTN38469931-853-6797
St Joseph City Hall409 North Main StreetSt. JosephTN38481931-845-4141
Lawrence County Marriage License Office
Lawrence County Marriage License200 West Gaines StreetLawrenceburgTN38464931-762-7700
Lawrence County Marriage & Divorce Records Databases
Lawrence County Clerk Marriage Applications
Lawrence County Clerk Marriage Records
Lawrence County Genealogy Records (Ohio)
Lawrence County Marriage Certificates & Records
Lawrence County Public Records Commission Archives
Lawrence County Website
Married Couples 8,789 (54.6%)
Unmarried Couples 829 (2.0%)
Never Married Men 4,168 (25.6%)
Never Married Women 3,180 (18.2%)
Separated Men 293 (1.8%)
Separated Women 501 (2.9%)
Widowed Men 598 (3.7%)
Widowed Women 1,938 (11.1%)
Divorced Men 1,920 (11.8%)
Divorced Women 2,686 (15.4%)

Where Can I Find Marriage Records?

When you want to find out more about your past and the person who you married, you can request marriage records in Lawrance County. These records contain vital and often financial information about the people marrying in the county. These documents will tell you the names of the bride and groom, their parents’ names, their parents’ maiden names, where they were married and sometimes there is information about the officiator of the ceremony. Marriage records are kept for every marriage that has been performed in the county, as well as anyone who has been married in the county and then divorced.

When you want to check up on someone’s marriage records, it is important that you understand the significance of the information that you find. Most people simply look for marriage records and assume that the information they find is enough to know if the person is married or not. The truth is, these records hold a lot of information and to understand them you must have an attorney who understands all the legal implications. You need to make sure that you have a legitimate reason to access the marriage record of someone, unless of course they are telling you the truth about their marriage status. Then you might want to give it a shot.

When you have marriage records available, you are able to see exactly what the people in the records have been through. They can tell you how many times the couple got married, how long they were together and when they divorced. It is also possible to find out if there were children that were born out of the marriage. Some records will even tell you what the groom was doing while the bride was pregnant. This information is useful for a variety of reasons. Sometimes a groom will want to remarry again, while other times a wife will want to use the information to try to prove that the husband did not love her anymore.

There are some important pieces of information that are included with the records. The first is the personal particulars of the couple. It tells you how long they were together, how often the wedding occurred, where the ceremony was held and who wore which clothes on the day of the wedding. The man’s name is sometimes listed as John Smith and the woman’s name can be Jane Doe. This information becomes very important if you want to remarry because the newly remarried person will not have the same last name as someone who was already married. If the new spouse was still living at the time of the wedding, then it is possible that this new partner is either not who the bride and groom claims to be or was not the wife and groom when they got married.

The marriage license itself will usually state things like the names of the bride and groom, the parents’ names and even the day and date of the ceremony. It will also have the marriage license number, if it is known. The other pieces of information found inside of the marriage records are the names of those who were witnesses at the ceremony along with the birthplaces of all of the individuals in the marriage. This could include a name change for one of the individuals or simply adding another name to the list. It is possible to gain access to these records through the use of various online services, but it would still be best to actually go down to the county courthouse to obtain them yourself.

In order to find out some basic information about marriage records in Texas, you may need to go to the vital records office in Austin and fill out an application for a record search. You will need to give information like your full name, date of birth, Social Security number, previous addresses if any, maiden names or parent’s names and a few more questions depending on the form you fill out. A certified copy of your current marriage certificate will most likely come with the documents that you requested and most likely your birth certificate as well. You may have to wait a while for the records to come back but it will be worth the wait when you find out all the information that is contained within them. You will most likely be able to view the results of your search in just a couple days and then be able to make up your mind about marrying the person you love or just letting them get away.

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