Jefferson County Tennessee Marriage Records

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NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
Jefferson County Clerk Office
Jefferson County ClerkPO Box 710DandridgeTN37725865-397-2935
Jefferson County Town & City Halls
Dandridge Town Hall131 East Main StreetDandridgeTN37725865-397-7420
New Market City Hall1024 Volunteer StreetNew MarketTN37820865-475-3018
White Pine City Hall1548 Main StreetWhite PineTN37890865-674-2557
White Pine Town Hall1548 Main StreetWhite PineTN37890865-674-2556
Jefferson County Marriage License Offices
Jefferson County Marriage License214 West Main StreetDandridgeTN37725865-397-2935
Hamblen County Marriage License511 West Second NorthMorristownTN37814423-586-1993
Jefferson County Marriage & Divorce Records Databases
Jefferson County Archives - Wills
Jefferson County Archives Website
Jefferson County Clerk Marriage Applications
Jefferson County Marriage Certificates & Records
Married Couples 11,211 (55.8%)
Unmarried Couples 931 (1.8%)
Never Married Men 5,633 (26.3%)
Never Married Women 4,686 (20.5%)
Separated Men 618 (2.9%)
Separated Women 576 (2.5%)
Widowed Men 869 (4.1%)
Widowed Women 2,671 (11.7%)
Divorced Men 2,349 (11.0%)
Divorced Women 2,783 (12.2%)

How to Find Marriage Records

Public marriage records in Jefferson County are one of the most requested public records. These are considered public records because they have been filed in the Official Record of the County. Marriage Records in Tennessee is one of the most requested public records. There are several reasons why someone would like to search for information on marriage records, but the most popular reason is that a person wants to check up on their family history. Whether you’re a genealogist looking for clues to your family tree or just want to see if there have been any changes in the status of your marriage, online searches are a great way to find out.

In Tennessee, marriage records can be searched online. The best option is to search online from the official web sites of each county. This makes sure that the records are current and that they are up-to-date as far as when the information was entered. Also, you will know that you are getting the most recent records available. You can do this by visiting each county’s web site and either going to the Marriage Records tab or searching there by using their specific keywords.

Marriage Records in Texas is also viewable online. If you are looking for records based on more than one state, you will have to search the records of each state individually. Most counties in Texas to keep records of marriage for a period of seven years. Before you can obtain the records, you will need to fill out an application which will usually take a few hours to complete. There will also be a fee involved.

Marriage records are available for free from the state Vital Statistics Office. It is important to note that these records have not been updated or corrected. They are simply a replica of what the records have shown. Free access to marriage records is only offered to people who are specifically requesting it. Any other records, such as immigration records, criminal background checks, and others are not free and will require payment.

The cost is minimal, especially when you consider how much time you could save. Many records are now digitized and available on the Internet in PDF format. This is a good way to go because it is fast, accurate, and can be printed out in bulk if needed. The cost can be anywhere from ten dollars for one record to several hundred dollars for a large set. You may be required to pay for a certain amount of processing time as well.

If you are looking for marriage records in Texas, you will probably find that the process is fairly easy. If you would like more information or would like to see the actual paper documents, there are several places to look. You can contact the Texas Vital Statistics Office for a copy of the actual paperwork. There are also companies that offer this service but they are not free. They will charge you a small fee for the records that they provide.

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