Cumberland County Tennessee Marriage Records

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NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
Cumberland County Clerk Office
Cumberland County Clerk2 North Main StreetCrossvilleTN38555931-484-6442
Cumberland County Town & City Halls
Crab Orchard Town Hall338 Hebbertsburg RoadCrab OrchardTN37723931-484-2815
Crossville City Hall392 North Main StreetCrossvilleTN38555931-484-5113
Mayland Town Hall45 Jim Garrett RoadCrossvilleTN38571
Pleasant Hill Town Hall351 East Main StreetCrossvilleTN38571931-277-5511
Cumberland County Marriage License Office
Cumberland County Marriage License2 North Main StreetCrossvilleTN38555931-484-6442
Cumberland County Marriage & Divorce Records Databases
Art Circle Public Library Website
Cumberland County Clerk Website
Cumberland County Divorce Certificates
Cumberland County Marriage Certificates & Records
Married Couples 13,423 (53.4%)
Unmarried Couples 1,600 (2.8%)
Never Married Men 4,981 (20.8%)
Never Married Women 3,857 (15.1%)
Separated Men 589 (2.5%)
Separated Women 739 (2.9%)
Widowed Men 1,101 (4.6%)
Widowed Women 3,279 (12.8%)
Divorced Men 3,035 (12.7%)
Divorced Women 3,470 (13.6%)

What is the Purpose of Marriage Records in Cumberland County Tennessee?

Marriage Records in Cumberland County, Tennessee is one of the most requested documents in the county and all across the nation. This is because marriages have been legal in Tennessee since thirteenth Century. When couples decided to remarry after divorce, the marriage record was used as proof of the new union. Since these were the only legal marriages in the state at that time, there is no reason to doubt the veracity of the information contained within.

The information contained on these records can tell you a lot about past marital relationships. For instance, you can learn the man’s age at the time of the marriage. He may also have had a criminal record. Also, you can see if he was married before or after you were born. If so, you will be able to learn his date of birth from the information provided. In addition, you can learn what other people did in the marriages he was involved in and how many times he divorced.

These records contain a lot of information that may prove useful to you in your personal life. You can use it as proof of age to get insurance. A potential partner can see where you have lived before. If he has moved around a lot since then, that may be a sign that he is not loyal and may leave you for someone else.

You can find out the names of all of the people who were involved in the marriage. If children were involved, the father and mother will be listed along with the state they live in. If the marriage was granted by a judge, the clerk’s office may have this information. Some of the information may be considered private, but the courts generally keep public records for everyone to see.

Marriage records in Tennessee are public record, so anyone can request them. If you are looking for a record on someone else, you can go online and do a search. The only problem with doing searches online is that you may not find everything that you are looking for. Sometimes the records you are looking for are in the physical files of the county, but they are only available electronically when they are filed electronically.

A lot of states are able to provide you with marriage records online. Some of them require you to pay a fee, but many allow you access to their public databases for a small fee. The fee covers the cost of maintaining the records and keeping them up to date. Many states also have the records available for free through an online site.

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