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NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
Turner County Marriage & Divorce Records Offices
Turner County ClerkPO Box 446ParkerSD57053605-297-3115
Centerville City Hall741 Main StreetCentervilleSD57014605-563-2302
Viborg City Hall110 North Main StreetViborgSD57070605-326-5103
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Married Couples 2,042 (58.0%)
Unmarried Couples 231 (2.9%)
Never Married Men 775 (23.6%)
Never Married Women 573 (17.2%)
Separated Men 25 (0.8%)
Separated Women 41 (1.2%)
Widowed Men 94 (2.9%)
Widowed Women 403 (12.1%)
Divorced Men 262 (8.0%)
Divorced Women 238 (7.1%)

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Marriage Records in Turner County South Dakota

Turner County is located in the state of South Dakota along the border with Minnesota. Its name is a corruption of the T&L property title of Turner, which was a sugar plantation based on the North Dakota mission. The county seat is Spokane, the first capital of the Republic of South Dakota.

It is one of the twenty-one counties considered under the state system of marriage records. You can easily conduct a record search for anyone whose name you may have in mind using this county’s marriage records. You can perform the search either online or at the county offices using the paid services available. The fee depends on the type of information you are searching. Usually the searches are performed on personal details, business details and other public records. You can get vital and county records as well as criminal and death information from the same place.

Marriage Records in Turner County is maintained in the individual states. In some instances records are only maintained where the couple got married. This means you can obtain information of someone else if he or she was married somewhere else, in other words, they were never legally married in South Dakota. If you do an online search you will get some information back regarding this person. But, you will not obtain the actual records.

People start asking questions about their own records when they suspect a few things about them, their history or other information regarding their past. Searching for marriage records in Turner County is no different. People use different methods of gathering the information that they need. Some look in the local phone book and others go to the court house for a record search. There are also websites that people go to and obtain the records they want but they too run the risk of getting invalid records because of an insufficient record search by the county office.

The fastest and easiest way of going through the records is to do an internet search. All you need to do is enter some information in the form on the website of the South Dakota State Record Office regarding the person you are interested in obtaining records for and click on the submit button. Within just a few seconds you will have the information about the person including the date of marriage, place of marriage, names of the couple and their parents or guardians and even some additional information about the person if you want it. You will get this information in a matter of minutes and you can then either print out the records if you need to or save them on your computer.

Before you do an internet search, you may want to go to the courthouse in the county where you think you are getting the records for and see if they have such records. You can ask the clerk for the location of the records. You might even be lucky and find one there. You may even find them online if you do enough searches. When it comes to looking for marriage records in Turner County South Dakota, you will have more luck if you do an internet search first.