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NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
Westmoreland County Clerk Offices
Westmoreland County Clerk2 North Main StreetGreensburgPA15601724-830-3502
Arnold City Clerk1829 5th AvenueArnoldPA15068724-337-4441
Arnold Clerk1829 5th AvenueArnoldPA15068724-335-1116
Jeannette City Clerk110 South 2nd StreetJeannettePA15644724-527-4000
New Kensington City Clerk301 11th StreetNew KensingtonPA15068724-337-4523
Westmoreland County Town & City Halls
Greensburg City Hall416 South Main StreetGreensburgPA15601724-838-4325
Monessen City Hall100 3rd StreetMonessenPA15062724-684-9716
Westmoreland County Marriage License Office
Westmoreland County Marriage LicenseRegister & Clerk Of Orphans' Court, 2 North Main Street, 3Rd Flr., Suite 301GreensburgPA15601724-830-3196
Westmoreland County Marriage & Divorce Records Databases
Adams Memorial Library Obituaries
Westmoreland County Divorce Certificates & Decrees
Westmoreland County Genealogy Records
Westmoreland County Marriage Certificates & Records
Westmoreland County Recorder of Deeds Office County Records
Westmoreland County Records
Westmoreland County Register of Wills Marriage Applications
Westmoreland County Register of Wills Website
Westmoreland County's Electronic Government Solutions Marriage Records
Westmoreland Town City Records
Married Couples 80,597 (53.1%)
Unmarried Couples 7,964 (2.3%)
Never Married Men 43,048 (29.4%)
Never Married Women 35,284 (22.6%)
Separated Men 2,232 (1.5%)
Separated Women 2,709 (1.7%)
Widowed Men 5,208 (3.6%)
Widowed Women 18,359 (11.8%)
Divorced Men 12,376 (8.4%)
Divorced Women 16,515 (10.6%)

How To Search For Marriage Records

Marriage Records in Westmoreland County Pennsylvania

Marriage records are one of the most commonly used resources for locating other vital information. There are many reasons why one would want to find these records such as verification of age and identity, to check on criminal records, or to check up a marital status. Marriage Records in Westmoreland County Pennsylvania can help with these reasons by giving you access to the vital records in that area, and at the same time help you gain access to the vital statistics office in your county. This is a way to really ensure that you are doing everything you can to protect your family and yourself from any potential harm.

You can locate information about marriage through the PA Vital Statistics Office, which is operated by the Department of Health. These records can give you the following information: Name, location of marriage, bride’s or groom’s birth date, the marriage license number, and the issue date. Of course, if there is an available record that is different from these results, it will need to be verified with the other person’s copy. The only way to do this is to go through each step in the process. It starts with getting a copy of the marriage license itself, then checking the information against what is on the website.

Marriage records are available to anyone who is requesting them. Marriage records are considered public domain, but some counties and cities will charge for any records you request. Usually this includes a charge for the copy of the record and is processing the request. If you are not able to find what you are looking for, then you might consider hiring a private detective or even a lawyer to find it for you. These professionals usually have access to the higher ranked records in the PA Vital Statics Office and will be able to get you what you need. However, there are some instances where they cannot get you what you need.

Marriage records are kept in two different places in PA; they are kept in the PA Vital Statistics Office and the county or city that the marriage was performed in. So, if you are looking for the marriage records of a certain person in Philadelphia, you would go to the PA Vital Statistics Office and search their marriage records. However, if you want to search for marriage records for all of the people in the USA, then you would need to use the County and City Records Search Engines. There are many people that search for marriage records and these people can save time by using an online service instead. This allows them to access the records from wherever they are.

Marriage search sites use a couple of different databases to provide you with their information. One of those databases is Public Records Pro, which provide you with the name of the person, the location of the marriage, and the date of the wedding. This is the simplest method for searching. Some people, however, still use more advanced methods such as using a subscription service that provides you with more details than just the name of the person being married. For example, you can get other information such as the parents of the groom or bride, the officiant (if it is a marriage), and the reason for the wedding.

If you decide to go online to do your marriage records search, make sure you use a reputable service. If you find a site that does not have a good reputation, then you are putting your personal information at risk. Also, try to find a site that offers a money back guarantee just in case there are any problems with their service. Just because you choose to do your searches online does not mean that you can be careless, there are just some things you need to be aware of when doing this search.