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NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
Jefferson County Clerk Offices
Jefferson County ClerkPO Box 1326SteubenvilleOH43952740-283-8583
Adena Clerk143 West Main StreetAdenaOH43901740-546-3182
Smithfield City Clerk1347 Main StreetSmithfieldOH43948740-733-7709
Stratton Village Clerk136 2nd AvenueStrattonOH43961740-537-1534
Jefferson County Town & City Hall
Steubenville City Hall115 South 3rd StreetSteubenvilleOH43952740-283-6000
Jefferson County Marriage License Office
Jefferson County Marriage License301 Market StreetSteubenvilleOH43952740-283-8593
Jefferson County Marriage & Divorce Records Databases
Jefferson County Divorce Certificates
Jefferson County General Health District Website
Jefferson County Marriage Certificates & Records
Jefferson County Probate and Juvenile Court Website
Married Couples12,715 (46.1%)
Unmarried Couples1,779 (2.7%)
Never Married Men8,821 (32.6%)
Never Married Women8,001 (27.0%)
Separated Men491 (1.8%)
Separated Women465 (1.6%)
Widowed Men912 (3.4%)
Widowed Women3,734 (12.6%)
Divorced Men3,376 (12.5%)
Divorced Women4,078 (13.8%)

Marriage Records – Ohio Record Laws

Marriage Records in Jefferson County, Ohio can be searched by name or the first name and last name of the bride and groom. This information can also be requested from any of the county offices via phone or mail. The first step is to request the records. A certified copy can be obtained from the county record office. You will need the man’s first name or maiden name and last name, social security number, occupation, place of birth, and age.

Marriage Records in Ohio are considered public information and is updated every year. Marriage Records is available to anyone who requests them through the Ohio Department of Health. Marriage records are usually recorded in the state’s Vital Statistics Office or county recorder’s office. You may have to pay a fee if you want to search for records of your own marriage.

Marriage Records in Ohio is now being offered online. Some of the records search sites offer this service free of charge. If you have to pay to view the records, you may have to choose between an electronic or paper-based version. Both versions provide similar results. Paper based records tend to be more detailed while the electronic versions tend to be more convenient to access.

Marriage Records in Ohio is normally classified as being either public or private. Public records tend to be easier to locate and search through. There is little or no cost for this service. The records are normally kept in the county where the marriage took place. Free marriage searches can sometimes lead you to places that charge for the information.

State laws and requirements determine what information is disclosed and who has access to it. Marriage Records in Ohio requires the names of both individuals along with the date of marriage. The names of the parents and witnesses are also asked. Marriage records can be searched using either the name or date of marriage.

Ohio marriage records are confidential, but you can access them if you so desire. There are several methods for accessing these types of records. A simple internet search can usually give you the information you need. Marriage records are considered public domain, which means anyone can obtain copies of them. There are legal consequences for sharing information obtained from marriage records without permission.

You can use a marriage search service online for more detailed information about a specific person. You can get the personal details of the bride and groom, their parents and other people involved in the marriage. Marriage records are not available from the government or churches. The fee you pay will help maintain the records and provide other related information. Marriage Records is confidential and private and the price you pay ensures that the information you receive is correct and complete.

Marriage Records in Ohio is confidential. If you want to search for marriage records, you will need to pay for the information. Marriage record services do charge a fee, however it is minimal and well worth the expense. You can find the information you seek by using a reputable record search site. With a paid record search service, you can obtain up to date information in a matter of minutes.