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NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
Wells County Marriage & Divorce Records Office
Wells County Clerk700 Railway Street NorthFessendenND58438701-547-3122
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Wells County Clerk of Court's Office Marriage Applications
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Married Couples1,121 (56.4%)
Unmarried Couples50 (1.3%)
Never Married Men330 (19.6%)
Never Married Women163 (9.5%)
Separated Men
Separated Women8 (0.5%)
Widowed Men66 (3.9%)
Widowed Women289 (16.9%)
Divorced Men128 (7.6%)
Divorced Women140 (8.2%)

Marriage Records in Wells County North Dakota

The information contained in Marriage Records in Wells County North Dakota may be of great use to those conducting genealogical research. Many families living in the western US have a history of crossing borders and staying married to each other. These marriages are sometimes documented or preserved in the marriage license records for future use when families find it convenient to record these marriages on official government forms.

You can easily conduct a search of Marriage Records in Wells County North Dakota by searching the internet. There is a myriad of information that is obtained by conducting a standard internet search of marriage records. You will get detailed information on every state in the union where the marriage has been registered. States outside of the union also have marriage records, but their scope is much less and they are more difficult to retrieve. Information can be retrieved about the parents and the bride and groom, witnesses and the officiator of the wedding ceremony if there are any.

The fee that is charged for retrieving records from elsewhere is generally nominal compared to the amount of information that is available. Marriage Records in Wells County North Dakota can be searched free of charge; however, certain requirements must be fulfilled in order to conduct a free search. Information that is requested can be downloaded immediately via fax, e-mail or onsite by visiting the county’s Marriage Records webpage.

To get the most detailed information possible you will have to make a fee. A fee can either be made by individual individuals who are conducting a personal search on their own, or organizations that have the resources and expertise to retrieve records in various states and counties quickly and efficiently. Fees vary based on the number of records that you need and the distance between you and the location where your search will take place. Many companies have set up a minimum number of records that must be searched before a fee can be made. It is always recommended that you contact the company before paying any fees.

Marriage Records in Wells County North Dakota is maintained by the State which is the place where the marriage took place. Each county has their own records for marriages and divorce records. Information that is found on these records is public domain and is open to the public. There are no laws that dictate what can be searched and how many times this can be done. The records are an important source of vital information that is used in a wide array of legal matters and in the event of genealogical research.

Marriage Records in Wells County can be searched using several methods. You can use a general search by entering the date of the wedding and the location of the ceremony and using the state of North Dakota where the ceremony was performed. You can also use a specialized commercial search service. This type of search requires payment but it is worth the small fee when it comes to the quality of information that you will receive.