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NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
Slope County Marriage & Divorce Records Office
Slope County ClerkPO Box JjAmidonND58620701-879-6275
Slope County Marriage & Divorce Records Databases
Slope County Divorce Certificates
Slope County Marriage Certificates & Records
Married Couples166 (53.7%)
Unmarried Couples1 (0.1%)
Never Married Men81 (26.8%)
Never Married Women16 (6.4%)
Separated Men3 (1.0%)
Separated Women2 (0.8%)
Widowed Men25 (8.3%)
Widowed Women42 (16.7%)
Divorced Men28 (9.3%)
Divorced Women17 (6.8%)

Marriage Records in Slope County North Dakota

Marriage Records in Slope County North Dakota is maintained by the Office of the Clerk Recorder in each county. Marriage License Records is also recorded and maintained. The county government is responsible for the maintenance of these records. Records are kept for a year from the filing of the marriage license with the county and most often they are filed electronically with the electronic system known as County Central Computer.

These Marriage Records in Slope County, North Dakota can be searched by a number of sources. There are public information services that specialize in wedding records. The free records search web sites have limited information and are not always very up to date. You will want to join one of the subscription services to obtain more detailed information and in many cases, you will have instant access to the information you seek. Free services do not provide you with access to all the information you may need.

You can perform your own genealogy research on the internet by typing in keywords such as “Wedding Records North Dakota” and then typing in your location. You will be able to access the various County Courthouses in your area. These courthouses keep vital records such as certificates of marriage, divorce decrees and other important information. These records can be a wealth of information when you want to trace the history of someone. You can also search for the marriage license and request the certificate from the courthouse where the license was granted.

Marriage Records in Slope County is available to the public. This information is considered public domain. If you are looking for a birth certificate of someone you may be able to locate it. The Vital Records Office in each county keeps a record of births, deaths and marriages on their website. You can request an application that will allow you to download the information you are seeking.

Free Searches of these records can be conducted online. There are many sources on the internet that provide information about Marriage Records in Slope County North Dakota. One source is the county’s own website. Marriage Records in North Dakota is not available to the general public, so you may have to use a professional service. Many of these services charge a fee for this type of information.

Marriage Records in Slope County is confidential and cannot be released without a written waiver of permission. This permission can be obtained from the county clerk’s office. There are free searches available from some of the larger search sites but these searches do not provide the comprehensive information that a professional service would be able to provide.