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NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
Rolette County Marriage & Divorce Records Offices
Rolette City Hall302 Main StreetRoletteND58366701-246-3511
Rolette County ClerkPO Box 460RollaND58367701-477-3816
Rolla City Hall14 1st Street SoutheastRollaND58367701-477-3610
Rolette County Marriage & Divorce Records Databases
Rolette County Divorce Certificates
Rolette County Genealogy Records
Rolette County Marriage Certificates & Records
Married Couples1,789 (37.7%)
Unmarried Couples424 (2.9%)
Never Married Men2,345 (46.1%)
Never Married Women2,162 (40.7%)
Separated Men69 (1.4%)
Separated Women121 (2.3%)
Widowed Men178 (3.5%)
Widowed Women460 (8.7%)
Divorced Men513 (10.1%)
Divorced Women609 (11.5%)

Marriage Records in Rolette County North Dakota

If you have to do a little bit of research on public records then it would be beneficial to take a look at the Rolette County North Dakota records online. There are some really good resources for gathering information about someone’s past and there is a wealth of information available. One of the best places to start your search would be on the internet. Not only will you be able to find some great information but it can all be done from the comfort of your own home.

You may be asking yourself why it is important to get marriage records in Rolette County North Dakota. After all, the information is not public record anyway. Well, it is public record as long as the person you are searching for has registered the wedding. Now you may be wondering how it is that marriage records are kept up to date. Well some counties do keep a copy around as a backup just in case something happens to the actual record. But in most counties, a copy is kept as is.

If you do not know where the county is located then all you need to do is go to the county’s website and you will have all the information that you would like. If you live in Fargo, North Dakota then you will be able to get your hands on all of the information that you would ever need. If you live anywhere else in the county, then you will be just a phone call away from getting all of the information that you need.

Some other information that you can find on marriage records in Rolette County North Dakota are the personal particulars of the couple. You will be able to learn more about them and see if they were married prior to this or if they are still married. This is pretty important information to have. If you want to know more about a person then you would be well served to search for their personal details.

If there has been any type of divorce, there will also be records available. You may be able to find out the particulars of the couple and what they were married to. It is also possible to find out the reason for the divorce. There could be any number of reasons for it. The better informed you are, the better off you will be. So if you are interested, you will be able to obtain the information that you are after.

You may be interested in the county’s past history. There may be records of when marriages were performed and where they were performed. You will be able to find out the names of all of these people and also their parents and children. Look to a professional online directory for all of your marriage records in Rolette County North Dakota and start your research today.