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NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
Ramsey County Marriage & Divorce Records Office
Ramsey County Clerk524 4th Avenue NortheastDevils LakeND58301701-662-1309
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Married Couples2,188 (44.4%)
Unmarried Couples317 (2.9%)
Never Married Men1,684 (35.2%)
Never Married Women1,265 (27.4%)
Separated Men16 (0.3%)
Separated Women
Widowed Men191 (4.0%)
Widowed Women477 (10.3%)
Divorced Men579 (12.1%)
Divorced Women540 (11.7%)

How to Look Up Marriage Records by County in Ramsey County North Dakota

There are many reasons why the public would be interested in the marriage records of one or both partners in a legal union in Ramsey County North Dakota. There are many reasons why it is important to be aware of where you stand legally as well as the current status of your relationship. Some people have married before they know all the details and have children. Others want to check up on someone that they already know is married. It really doesn’t matter what the motivation behind you wanting to obtain access to public record information, but once you do you can find out exactly what you need to know.

The most obvious reason for checking up on someone’s marriage history is to check up on the safety of you and your family. You can use these records to protect your children, grandchildren, nieces and nephews. You could also use them to prove you were legally married in the first place. When you search for marriage records in Ramsey County North Dakota, you will be searching in the places that maintain records for all the states in the United States. If you have any other information such as names of the wedding party or the bride and groom, the date of the wedding, the place where the marriage took place and the names of the parents, you will be able to obtain a more complete picture of who was actually married in the beginning.

Many people wonder how they would ever be able to access such public records and how easy they would be able to search through them. It really does not matter if you are an attorney, a doctor, lawyer or even a teacher. You can go online with just a few clicks of the mouse and get access to the information that you are looking for. Most counties have their marriage records available to the public. However, some counties may not have all of the records that you are searching for, and that is when you may turn to the internet to see if you can locate some of the information that you are looking for. You can even look up some background information on someone with some simple information about them online.

If you are looking for marriage records in Ramsey County North Dakota, you will be happy to know that you can easily get a whole lot of information from the records that you are searching through. In some instances you will be able to find out the actual wedding party that was getting married, as well as information on the bride or groom and their parents. You will also get information about the parents and their respective spouses. If you happen to know that you will be having a future spouse at the time of your search, then this could be very useful information as well.

As mentioned before, these records are maintained by every county in the entire state. This means that if you happen to move to another county in the future, you will still have access to the marriage records that you are searching for. This is a great service that many people take advantage of today. Anyone can get access to public records and search for information about other individuals or even complete their own personal records. You may want to do this as a part of your genealogy research to gather information about your past ancestors.

There are a lot of different ways that you can use these public records that are maintained in Ramsey County North Dakota. You may want to check to see if someone has an ex-spouse or anyone that may be able to provide you with information about your family history. You can even use it to check up on your own family members to see what they are all about. The uses that many people have discovered for these records has been a large reason why they have continued to keep these records available to everyone.