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NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
Morton County Marriage & Divorce Records Offices
Morton County Clerk210 2nd Avenue NorthwestMandanND58554701-667-3358
Glen Ullin City Hall119 Main Street SouthGlen UllinND58631701-348-3683
Mandan City Hall205 2nd Avenue NorthwestMandanND58554701-667-3215
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Married Couples6,948 (52.5%)
Unmarried Couples904 (3.1%)
Never Married Men3,419 (27.3%)
Never Married Women2,459 (20.7%)
Separated Men173 (1.4%)
Separated Women27 (0.2%)
Widowed Men320 (2.6%)
Widowed Women1,199 (10.1%)
Divorced Men963 (7.7%)
Divorced Women1,393 (11.7%)

Where You Can Find Marriage Records in Morton County North Dakota

When you are searching for marriage records in Morton County North Dakota, it is important that you know the requirements required to obtain them. Every state has different laws in regards to marriage records, and if you are looking for public information, you need to know that the requirements differ as well. If you do not meet the requirements of each state, you may not be able to get the records you are looking for. However, by researching each state carefully, you will be able to find the information you are looking for in no time.

Marriage records are kept in the county where the marriage happened. If the wedding was held in another county, the duplicate would be filed there. If you are looking for information about someone else’s marriage records, you can visit their office to find out if they keep a record or not. You will need their social security number and also the name of the place where the ceremony took place, along with the year it took place. These are some basic pieces of information that you will need to be able to begin your search.

Marriage records in Morton County can be accessed from the offices in two different locations. The first location is at the county building and courthouse. Marriage records can be requested at this location and turned over to you. However, most county buildings and courthouses only maintain records that have been updated within the last three years.

The second location is at the Morton County Historical Society. This is a small service that offers access to records that are more current than the records that you can request from the county building and courthouse. They will give you a temporary hard copy when you make your request, and then you can have the records emailed to you can pick them up at the library later that day. This is a good option if you want the records right away since it won’t take long to get them.

Many people want to find out more about marriage records in Morton County North Dakota. The location for obtaining the records is actually very easy to figure out. The website of the county contains information regarding births, deaths, marriages, divorces and adoptions. All of these records are stored electronically. If you know the county building in Morton County where you were born or grew up, you can go down to the building and ask to speak to someone who is in charge of records.

Marriage records are maintained by the county, not the people who performed the marriage. In some cases the person may have moved, but the records are still up to date. This means that you can find out the same information that an online search would yield, but you won’t have to waste any time or money in going to the actual building to request the records. Morton County North Dakota does not sell public records.