McIntosh County North Dakota Marriage Records

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NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
McIntosh County Marriage & Divorce Records Offices
Mcintosh County ClerkPO Box 179AshleyND58413701-288-3450
Wishek City Hall23 Centennial Street SouthWishekND58495701-452-2567
McIntosh County Marriage & Divorce Records Databases
McIntosh County Divorce Certificates
McIntosh County Marriage Certificates & Records
Mcintosh County Genealogy Records
Married Couples670 (50.6%)
Unmarried Couples75 (2.9%)
Never Married Men238 (21.6%)
Never Married Women142 (11.9%)
Separated Men
Separated Women
Widowed Men45 (4.1%)
Widowed Women263 (22.1%)
Divorced Men121 (11.0%)
Divorced Women91 (7.6%)

How To Conduct A Free Marriage Records Search

Marriage Records in McIntosh County North Dakota is maintained by the North Dakota State Museum. They offer free access to the public for researching, locating and retrieving information on all types of public records. To search for information, you will need to contact them directly at:

The information maintained in their records may be used for genealogical research, checking current information about a person, performing background checks etc. The records in their database are updated regularly and are accurate. The county that they serve also maintain a website. All the records that they provide can be requested from them.

The access is available for the general public on the internet. If you are looking for information about someone who has passed away, you can use their records as well. People can use the internet to search for the personal details of someone else. There are many sites that are free to locate records or conduct a background check.

You can also use the information to verify whether a certain person has already been married and divorced. These services are very popular as people like knowing the public record before using it. The information contained in marriage records is usually quite accurate. However, one has to bear in mind that some details that are published may not always be true. It is therefore important to be careful in choosing which site to use.

There are many sites that provide access to free information in the public. Some sites offer this information as a courtesy and others make money from the information given. The information provided by some sites may not always be accurate and reliable as compared to sites that charge for marriage records.

People can conduct a free search at the county office or go online to one of the many public records search sites available on the internet. The information that is given includes the names of the couple, parents, witnesses and the officiator of the ceremony. The information can help you in your search for long lost family members. It can also help you find out if there have been any criminal activities concerning the couple. It can also reveal if there have been financial problems between the two parties.

The fee-based Marriage Records in McIntosh County North Dakota service provides much more detailed information than the free sites. This type of information can help you locate people who you are looking for. If you are searching for a long lost relative, it can give you valuable help. The information can tell you about the couple’s parents, their names, date of birth, SSN and more. Such detailed information can greatly help when you are conducting a background check on someone.

The fee-based service gives you unlimited access for one full year. You will be able to download reports after you have completed an unlimited number of searches. These records are guaranteed to be accurate and you can be sure of the accuracy of the information once you have paid the fee. This easy and fast service can help you obtain information in no time at all.