Bottineau County North Dakota Marriage Records

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NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
Bottineau County Marriage & Divorce Records Offices
Bottineau County Clerk314 5th Street WestBottineauND58318701-228-3983
Westhope City Hall65 1st Avenue EastWesthopeND58793701-245-6316
Bottineau County Marriage & Divorce Records Databases
Bottineau County Clerk of The District Court Website
Bottineau County Divorce Certificates
Bottineau County Marriage Certificates & Records
Bottineau County Recorder Website
Married Couples1,661 (53.6%)
Unmarried Couples158 (2.5%)
Never Married Men705 (24.7%)
Never Married Women397 (15.1%)
Separated Men9 (0.3%)
Separated Women24 (0.9%)
Widowed Men92 (3.2%)
Widowed Women369 (14.0%)
Divorced Men296 (10.3%)
Divorced Women156 (5.9%)

Find Marriage Records in Bottineau County North Dakota

There are many different public records that are kept in North Dakota and one of the most popular of these are the marriage records. These are held by the county where the ceremony took place, or at least was performed. If there were no wedding ceremony in attendance, the record is considered a public record and can be viewed by anyone who wishes to. However, if the location of the event is known, it may be more difficult to locate the record.

The information in these records is considered public domain, and you can access it as long as you abide by certain laws. First, you need to find out the location of the event. Some areas allow you access to the records online, but most require that you visit the actual building where they were performed. Other areas only offer the information upon request with a minimal fee. However, all of this depends on the laws in your area.

When visiting the location of the marriage, there will usually be a queue of people waiting to get into the building. They will lead you to the section of the records where you can view the records. Depending on the event, you may also have to go to the state registry or county building for additional information. You should not have to pay any money for the records. It’s absolutely free to view.

Another option is to hire a private firm that specializes in obtaining North Dakota marriage records and other public records. These companies are very efficient in their searches and can find anything you’re looking for in a matter of minutes. However, these services do require a small fee. The best part of using them is that they guarantee the quality of their information.

If you don’t mind the wait and do not have a lot of time to spend searching through records in Bottineau County, you may want to try out a public record search online. There are reputable companies that offer this service. However, if you’re looking for actual records and not simply a location, you may be better off going with an established company that offers this as a service. The cost is a little bit more but, the convenience of not having to drive to the location and spend time searching can’t be beat. The benefits of being able to find marriage records in Bottineau County are considerable.

As stated before, marriage records are considered public information. This means that anyone can access them, even if they don’t have legal rights to do so. This could pose a security risk to you, as the person viewing the records could have access to vital information. It’s always a good idea to check the records for accuracy before publishing it on your own. Then you will have peace of mind that your family is safe.