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NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
Stokes County Marriage & Divorce Records Offices
Stokes County ClerkPO Box 20DanburyNC27016336-593-2448
Stokes County Marriage LicenseAdministration Building, 1014 Main StreetDanburyNC27016336-593-2811
King City Hall229 S Main StKingNC27021336-983-8265
King Town Hall229 S Main StKingNC27021336-944-6888
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Stokes County Register of Deeds Vital Records
Married Couples10,198 (52.9%)
Unmarried Couples515 (1.1%)
Never Married Men4,783 (25.3%)
Never Married Women4,062 (20.4%)
Separated Men364 (1.9%)
Separated Women669 (3.4%)
Widowed Men637 (3.4%)
Widowed Women2,260 (11.4%)
Divorced Men2,465 (13.0%)
Divorced Women2,295 (11.5%)

How to Find Marriage License Records in Stokes County North Carolina

What is the importance of knowing how to obtain marriage records in Stokes County? Well, if you are looking for records of your own wedding, then you are in luck. These records are available online from the county or state records office. However, if you are looking for someone else’s marriage record, like a genealogy tracing your family tree or just for fun, here’s how to do it.

First of all, let’s have a look at how these records got their names. Typically, a marriage record ends up in the hands of either the bride or groom’s parents, depending on where the ceremony took place and when. But there is also one case where the bridal party may demand that a marriage document be presented to them at the wedding. In such a case, the parents of the bride and groom would end up with the document as a souvenir of the happy occasion.

Since marriages are considered legal in the state of North Carolina, one can easily locate marriage licenses, like the one from Buncombe County. In cases where no marriage license exists, North Carolina state government can record the marriage. All you have to do is visit the DMV in your area or request the Marriage Records in Stokes County in the Chapel Hill/Reston Metro Area.

Now that we have all the technical details, let us see what you need to do to get your hands on these records. You can start by going to the county’s vital statistic’s office. This office usually has the marriage license records. If they don’t have it, the nearest branch or office of the local government should be able to help you find it for you. Usually, these vital statistics offices publish their records online.

Now that you have the marriage license records, you can check online to find out more about your subject. One of the things you might want to check is the family tree of your subject to see if there is a story behind his marriage records. There are lots of free online resources that can help you with this research. Most of them allow you to search based on location, but there are some that allow you to search based on the names of the couple.

One thing you should not forget is to make sure the location where you want to conduct your research is legally acceptable. In North Carolina, marriages are only performed when the couple is eighteen years old or older. And even then, the marriage license cannot be photocopied. This is because marriage records in North Carolina are considered as records of the people and not of the individuals themselves. So if you are going to conduct research on any person like this, it is best to hire an experienced professional like a private detective or a genealogist who would help you find the information you need.