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NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
Nash County Clerk Offices
Nash County Clerk120 West Washington StreetNashvilleNC27856252-459-9800
Rocky Mount City Clerk331 South Franklin StreetRocky MountNC27804252-972-1201
Spring Hope City Clerk101 West Main StreetSpring HopeNC27882252-478-5186
Whitakers Clerk302 Northwest Railroad StreetWhitakersNC27891252-437-4011
Nash County Town & City Halls
Town of Nashville Town Hall200 West Washington StreetNashvilleNC27856252-459-4511
Dortches Town Hall3057 Town Hall RoadRocky MountNC27804252-443-9131
Middlesex Town Hall10232 South Nash StreetMiddlesexNC27557252-235-5761
Nash County Marriage License Office
Nash County Marriage LicenseNash County Office Building, 120 W. Washington StreetNashvilleNC27856252-459-9836
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Nash County Divorce Certificates
Nash County Marriage Certificates & Records
Nash County Register of Deeds County Records
Nash County Register of Deeds Marriage Applications
Nash County Register of Deeds Office Assumed Names
Nash County Register of Deeds Vital Records
Nash County Register of Deeds Website
Married Couples16,762 (45.5%)
Unmarried Couples1,864 (2.0%)
Never Married Men11,942 (32.8%)
Never Married Women11,416 (28.2%)
Separated Men1,073 (3.0%)
Separated Women1,396 (3.4%)
Widowed Men1,254 (3.4%)
Widowed Women4,759 (11.8%)
Divorced Men4,109 (11.3%)
Divorced Women5,003 (12.4%)

How to Find Marriage Records in Nash County North Carolina

Marriage Records in Nash County is public information. This means that you can access them anytime, from the comfort of your own home, and from the offices of the Clerk of the court, which maintains these records. However, there are strict rules on who is allowed to have access to this information. Because of this, you should be expecting to wait a while before you can retrieve the records you are looking for.

Marriage Records in Nash County is considering public information because they are filed in the Courthouse where they were originally filed. However, the records don’t stay at the courthouse. They are then stored in a central statewide repository. The state keeps these records for various different purposes. They can provide vital information about someone’s history, such as if they have ever been divorced or married. They can also give you information about a person’s current address or other information depending on what the records say.

Marriage records are considered public information because they are readily available to anyone who requests them. Therefore, it is important that you never provide any private information about yourself to anyone else without first having them get in touch with the courts and have the records released. However, records that were legally registered through a marriage ceremony are not automatically accessible to the general public. If the information was not legally changed, then it is considered a public record and can be viewed by anyone who requests it. Therefore, you can expect to wait up to a week to get access to marriage records in North Carolina.

While most states list the name and date of marriage on the records, North Carolina doesn’t. They only list the name of the couple, their parents, witnesses, and the officiator of the ceremony. The official reason for not listing the date of the marriage is so the records don’t become outdated. However, anyone who wishes to see the information can do so for a nominal fee. This is actually very helpful if you want to look up records from a particular state, because they may not list the state name on the records.

Marriage records that were filed in the courts in North Carolina will allow you to obtain the information you are looking for. To get access to the information that you need, you can either pay a fee to have it physically retrieved from the courthouse or search online. When searching online for marriage records in North Carolina, you will want to visit one of the many online companies that offer this service. These online companies will have databases full of information from all across the state, and it can be searched using keywords.

You will have to provide some basic information, such as the names of the couple and where the wedding took place. You can also choose to search using the state they were married in. The results will include the names of the groom and bride, and the reason the marriage license was issued in the state they were married in. If you find that you want to see more detailed information, you may choose to pay the fee to have a professional to personally find and retrieve the marriage records for you. It is usually much less expensive this way, and it will give you access to the information that you are searching for.