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NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
Camden County Marriage & Divorce Records Offices
Camden County ClerkPO Box 190CamdenNC27921252-338-1919
Camden County Marriage License117 North Carolina Highway 343 NorthCamdenNC27921
Camden County Marriage & Divorce Records Databases
Camden County Divorce Certificates
Camden County Marriage Certificates & Records
Camden County Register of Deeds FAQ Page
Camden County Register of Deeds Vital Records
Camden County Register of Deeds Website
Pasquotank-Camden Library Database
Married Couples2,396 (63.1%)
Unmarried Couples232 (2.3%)
Never Married Men1,107 (26.9%)
Never Married Women841 (19.8%)
Separated Men64 (1.6%)
Separated Women108 (2.5%)
Widowed Men39 (0.9%)
Widowed Women346 (8.1%)
Divorced Men476 (11.6%)
Divorced Women499 (11.7%)

Marriage Records in Camden County North Carolina

If you are searching for marriage records then you might have come across the name of Camden County. This is a county located in southeastern North Carolina near the border of Virginia and North Carolina. There are many reasons as to why anyone would want to obtain the marriage records of someone. They are however kept confidential and as such many people do not know that they exist. The easiest way to locate the information is to ask for it directly from the county office.

If you are asking why someone would need to obtain the records then there are many answers to this question. Searches are made on birth, death, divorce, and other matters that change the information on the records. This is important to know because of the privacy of the person in question. It is also important to know that the marriage record has to be certified before it can be found.

The information found on these records is available to anyone. You are able to look them up using any computer by typing in the names of the persons in question into the search engine. If you are not familiar with how to use the internet to obtain information about someone then you can simply call up the county office to find out all the information that you will need. This can be done by calling the office or by mailing a written request.

The best way to access the information is through online searches. These searches are not only quick but most of them provide information straight away. One of the benefits of using a site that provides access to these records is that they are frequently updated. This means that you will be getting the most current information available on the county records. By searching you will be able to find out the marital status of the person in question as well as their official name and their date of birth.

This information will often include the parents names too. If you are looking for something old and you are not willing to travel to the county office then you can often get the information that you are looking for online. Many sites allow you to look up for free and some charge a small fee. It really all depends on what you want the information for and whether or not you feel comfortable giving out your personal information online. There are many sites that claim to offer free records. However, these are not always accurate so be sure to verify the details before proceeding with any particular site.

In addition to the information provided by the above mentioned sources, you may also want to consider the possibility of using your state’s records. They too have marriage records so in theory you should be able to find what you are looking for. If you are in any doubt however, the best bet is still to use a site that offers free records. This way you will have the peace of mind of knowing that you can find the information that you are after without having to spend any money in order to do it.