Saratoga County New York Marriage Records

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NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
Saratoga County Clerk Offices
Saratoga County Clerk40 Mc Master StreetBallston SpaNY12020518-885-2240
Clifton Park Clerk5 Municipal PlzClifton ParkNY12065518-371-6668
Galway Town Clerk5910 Sacandaga RoadGalwayNY12074518-882-6070
Hadley Clerk4 Stony Creek RoadHadleyNY12835518-696-4379
Malta Town Clerk2540 U.s. 9Ballston SpaNY12020518-899-2552
Mechanicville City Clerk36 North Main StreetMechanicvilleNY12118518-664-9884
Providence Town of Clerk7187 Barkersville RoadMiddle GroveNY12850518-882-6541
South Glens Falls Clerk46 Saratoga AvenueSouth Glens FallsNY12803518-793-1455
Stillwater Village Clerk1 School StreetStillwaterNY12170518-664-6258
Saratoga County Town & City Halls
Saratoga Springs City Hall474 BroadwaySaratoga SpringsNY12866518-587-3550
Ballston Spa Town Hall323 Charlton RoadBallston SpaNY12020518-885-8502
Charlton Town Hall758 Charlton RoadBallston LakeNY12019518-384-0152
Clifton Park Town Hall1 Town Hall PlzClifton ParkNY12065518-371-6651
Corinth Town Hall600 Palmer AvenueCorinthNY12822518-654-2413
Day Town Hall1650 North Shore RoadHadleyNY12835518-696-3789
Greenfield Town Hall7 Wilton RoadGreenfield CenterNY12833518-893-7432
Halfmoon Town Hall2 Halfmoon Town PlzHalfmoonNY12065518-371-7410
Halfmoon Town Hall111 Route 236Clifton ParkNY12065518-371-7410
Milton Town Hall503 Geyser RoadBallston SpaNY12020518-885-9220
Northumberland Town Hall17 Catherine StreetGansevoortNY12831518-792-9179
Wilton Town Hall22 Traver RoadGansevoortNY12831518-587-1939
Saratoga County Marriage & Divorce Records Databases
Saratoga County Archives
Saratoga County Divorce Certificates
Saratoga County Historian Department Contact Information
Saratoga County Marriage Certificates & Records
Saratoga Springs Public Library Database
Married Couples49,118 (52.7%)
Unmarried Couples6,895 (3.1%)
Never Married Men28,885 (31.3%)
Never Married Women23,870 (24.9%)
Separated Men1,487 (1.6%)
Separated Women1,700 (1.8%)
Widowed Men2,451 (2.7%)
Widowed Women7,421 (7.7%)
Divorced Men8,127 (8.8%)
Divorced Women11,316 (11.8%)

Look Up Marriage Records in Saratoga County New York

Searching for Marriage Records in Saratoga County New York can be made very easily, since they are maintained and updated by the County Clerks Office at the county-church website. There is an option to view records in person, online or by fax. You can go directly to their website or request a copy from them. The county website is located at:

If you search through the State Marriage Records in Saratoga County, you can find Marriage Records, Death Records, Marriage License Records and Issues Searches. The records have been archived on microfiche in file folders. You may retrieve records you need by requesting either the complete file or just part of the file you are searching. A request is usually free, but there is an amount of information you must provide in order to receive it.

Some of the information you will be required to give include first name, last name, middle name, maiden or jane names, and if you have known the bride or groom for more than 5 years, then you also have to mention their place of birth. Birth information is readily available on the internet. If you still haven’t obtained all the information you require, then you might be required to pay an additional charge. It would be best if you would call up the office and talk with someone in person before paying any money.

Marriage Records is divided into two sections: criminal and civil. This information is maintained by the county, while the courts, the press, other agencies and other individuals maintain the civil information. When searching for County Records in Saratoga County, you should not confuse the two. These records are processed in two different ways. The criminal records are retained within the jurisdiction of the local courthouse, whereas the civil process is carried out at the national level.

You can get information about someone’s marriage from the County Records office in the State of New York through the New York State Vital Statistics Office (NYSVSO). The NYSVSO is the office responsible for maintaining the records. For example, if you want to look up someone’s birth date, you will be directed to the NYS Vital Statistics Office in Albany. Similarly, when searching for records about marriages, you will be directed to the county office only. However, the information you get from them will be more reliable.

If you need to find marriage records in Saratoga County, you can use any of the websites that offer free search services. However, these services usually end up giving incomplete and sometimes unreliable information. They do this because they use a limited database which is updated and improved on a regular basis. As such, their records are regularly updated and the information you get is reliable. Therefore, if you really need to look up marriage records of someone in Saratoga County, it is better to pay a small fee and get reliable information.