Hamilton County New York Marriage Records

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NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
Hamilton County Board of Supervisors102 County Road 11Lake PleasantNY12108518-548-6651
Arietta Town ClerkOLD PISECO RdPisecoNY12139518-548-7321
Indian Lake Town Clerk5 Pelon RdIndian LakeNY12842518-648-5211
Inlet Town Clerk1 Limekiln Lake RoadInletNY13360315-357-6601
Wells Town Clerk1438 New York 30WellsNY12190518-924-7911
Hamilton County Town & City Halls
Lake Pleasant Town Hall2679 New York 8Lake PleasantNY12108518-548-3625
Long Lake Town Hall1130 Deerland RoadLong LakeNY12847518-624-2122
Morehouse Town Hall733 New York 8HoffmeisterNY13353315-826-7744
Hamilton County Marriage & Divorce Records Databases
Hamilton County Divorce Certificates
Hamilton County Marriage Certificates & Records
Hamilton County Clerk Offices
Married Couples620 (56.6%)
Unmarried Couples50 (1.1%)
Never Married Men1,016 (48.1%)
Never Married Women584 (29.1%)
Separated Men85 (4.0%)
Separated Women46 (2.3%)
Widowed Men176 (8.3%)
Widowed Women365 (18.2%)
Divorced Men109 (5.2%)
Divorced Women283 (14.1%)

Marriage Records in Halifax County

Marriage Records in Hamilton County New York is confidential documents. This means that anyone who is not the aggrieved party or the applicant must not have access to these records. They can be obtained from the county court houses in the county where the marriage happened. Marriage Records can be obtained from the county clerk’s office, or from the county’s registrar of records, which may be found in your town or county. You can also order them from the internet by going to the official site of the State of New York and getting the form printed out.

In certain cases like when a marriage is declared void, it may remain on the books of the church until it is rededicated. Or the records of marriage may not be destroyed unless there are very few cases of the cancellation of marriage. However, they can be requested from the church in the event of a new marriage.

There are two types of marriage records in New York: the civil and the criminal. These have different information attached to them. Civil marriage records are available for viewing by the public. Criminal records are sealed under the state seal.

Marriage Records in Halifax County can reveal the names of the groom, bride, parents, witnesses, and others who took part in the marriage. It may give further details like the wedding date, place, and time, and the place and time of reception. Records of marriage can include the names of the witnesses. It would also show if the marriage was performed under a witness’s name. The official Marriage Records in New York list the official’s name, title, and location of the ceremony, while the certificate shows the names and other relevant information of the officiator and the office.

In certain states like New York, divorce records are also public record. However, New York State laws require a formal request for divorce records. Similarly, marriage records do not come free. You may need to pay a fee of $25 or more in order to access these records. This is especially applicable for the state-wide information.

If you are searching for your family history, ancestry, or genealogy, a marriage history is a great starting point. The marriage history can be helpful in discovering your roots. You may also find out about your ancestors and the marriages that they got married into. A wedding background search will also tell you about the relatives of both the bride and the groom. All in all, it would tell you more than just the bride and the groom’s names.