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NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
Sierra County Marriage & Divorce Records Offices
Sierra County Clerk100 North Date StreetTruth or ConsequencesNM87901575-894-2840
T or C City Hall505 Sims StTruth or ConsequencesNM87901575-894-7111
Truth Or Consequences City Clerk505 Sims StreetTruth or ConsequencesNM87901575-894-6673
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Sierra County Marriage Certificates & Records
Married Couples2,024 (37.5%)
Unmarried Couples344 (3.1%)
Never Married Men1,311 (27.1%)
Never Married Women819 (16.8%)
Separated Men178 (3.7%)
Separated Women19 (0.4%)
Widowed Men297 (6.1%)
Widowed Women555 (11.4%)
Divorced Men1,057 (21.9%)
Divorced Women1,152 (23.6%)

Marriage Records in Sierra County New Mexico

Marriage Records in Sierra County New Mexico is controlled by the Office of the Secretary of State through the Records Division. Each state’s record keeping office is responsible for gathering and maintaining certain information on marriages, divorce decrees, name changes and change of name and death records. All of this information is then stored electronically. The information is then filed in the Office of the Secretary of State in San Miguel County. This office also assists the federal government and various state agencies with searching and retrieving these vital records.

Marriage Records in Sierra County New Mexico is available for anyone who is seeking information regarding marriage and related information. People will be able to access such information free of charge. However, there are some conditions that one must meet before they can access any of the information that is provided on this site. These conditions usually include a completed application form and proof of identity. Proof of identity is required because each state’s records are not shared between counties unless the request is filed under a state law that allows for this.

When searching through marriage records in Sierra County New Mexico, you will be provided with information on the parties involved as well as the date of the wedding. You may find out if there were children at either of the parties’ residences during the time of the union. The complete history of the marriage will also be provided. Information that is found on the report will vary depending on what the information is about.

Marriage records can be used to check up on a potential spouse or to investigate the marital history of a long lost friend or family member. This information can also prove very helpful if one has any suspicions about someone they just met. Many people use this information to protect themselves and their families from being scammed. Anyone who is considering any type of union or marriage should make sure that everything was done correctly. This can give them peace of mind while also protecting their interests.

Marriage records are public, so anyone can access them. However, you may be required to show proof of citizenship or some other type of legal evidence before being allowed to get the information you want. If you are looking up marriage records in Sierra County New Mexico, you may have to visit the offices personally. They normally serve all of the residents of this area. There are various reasons why one would want to find out this information, but it is certainly worth the effort for anyone who wants to ensure that they are not married to an illegal alien or someone who has been divorced or put away.

When searching through marriage records in Sierra County New Mexico you will find various different places that offer the information you are looking for. If you do not know where to start your search, you can always ask the office for assistance. They can usually direct you to the closest resources that are available to you. Then you can get on with searching for the information that you need.