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NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
Cumberland County Clerk Offices
Cumberland County Clerk60 West Broad StreetBridgetonNJ8302856-453-4860
Commercial Township Clerk1768 Main StreetCommercialNJ8349856-785-3196
Shiloh Borough Clerk590 Shiloh PikeBridgetonNJ8302856-453-1523
Cumberland County Town & City Halls
Bridgeton City Hall131 East Commerce StreetBridgetonNJ8302856-455-3230
Fairfield Township Town Hall70 Fairton Gouldtown RoadBridgetonNJ8302856-451-9284
Millville City Hall1921 West Main StreetMillvilleNJ8332856-825-7000
Vineland City Hall640 East Wood StreetVinelandNJ8360856-794-4000
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Vineland City Health Department Vital Records
Vineland Public Library Database
Married Couples21,228 (42.0%)
Unmarried Couples4,952 (3.5%)
Never Married Men29,108 (45.6%)
Never Married Women21,522 (35.7%)
Separated Men1,757 (2.8%)
Separated Women2,044 (3.4%)
Widowed Men1,601 (2.5%)
Widowed Women5,921 (9.8%)
Divorced Men6,443 (10.1%)
Divorced Women7,321 (12.1%)

Marriage Records in Cumberland County New Jersey

The easiest place to find marriage records in New Jersey is the county clerk of the county in which you were married. If you married in Sayulita, California and then had your marriage recorded in Cumberland County, New Jersey you would need to go to the recorder’s office for the said county. There are a couple of reasons why you would want to do this.

When doing an online search of marriage records in New Jersey, you get results instantly. Say for example that you wanted to look up someone who had moved into your new town and you had moved with them. You can simply type in the person’s name and the address to locate their records and the good news are that it’s free.

However, you have to consider how much information you will be getting. If there are two people who say they are married, chances are good that the records in the first name and last name will not match. It is important to note that if the names do match, the marriage records are most likely accurate. In many cases, it can be a waste of time and money to obtain records that are not correct. It is better to spend money on a service that provides accurate details or hire a private investigator to do the job for you.

These days you can find all kinds of information using your computer and the internet. This includes marriage and divorce records. While it used to be very expensive to research these details, you no longer have to. With the help of online sites and records providers, the cost has decreased and you can find out who you’re dealing with without spending any money at all.

When it comes to searching for marriage records in New Jersey, accuracy is what you will get. There are some online sites that will give you an approximate date of birth and sometimes this information will not be accurate. That is why it is best to search the records provided by the different web sites and providers individually. This allows you to access the database and see if the information matches up with what you already know. Once you have this information you can then decide if the person you are dealing with is the right person to marry or not.

You may need to obtain marriage records from time to time. For instance if you have a new member of the family and want to know if they were able to obtain a marriage license, you need to look at the records to see if this was done. In the past you would need to hire a licensed copy agent in New Jersey or another state, and pay for the records. However today you can simply take the information you need to the web site and search for the record you need. This makes obtaining the records much more convenient and much less expensive.