Rockingham County New Hampshire Marriage Records

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NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
Rockingham County Clerk Offices
Atkinson Town Clerk21 Academy AvenueAtkinsonNH3811603-362-4920
Auburn Town Clerk47 Chester RoadAuburnNH3032603-483-2281
Candia Town Clerk74 High StreetCandiaNH3034603-483-5573
Epping Town Clerk157 Main StreetEppingNH3042603-679-8288
Hampton Falls Town Clerk1 Drinkwater RoadHampton FallsNH3844603-926-4618
Hampton Town Clerk100 Winnacunnet RoadHamptonNH3842603-926-0406
Newton Town Clerk2 Town Hall RoadNewtonNH3858603-382-4096
Rockingham County Town & City Halls
Auburn Town Hall47 Chester RoadAuburnNH3032603-483-5052
Brentwood Town Hall1 Dalton RoadBrentwoodNH3833603-642-8817
Danville Town Hall210 Main StDanvilleNH3819603-382-8253
Deerfield Town Hall8 Raymond RoadDeerfieldNH3037603-463-8811
Exeter Town Hall10 Front StreetExeterNH3833603-778-0591
Fremont Town Hall295 Main StreetFremontNH3044603-895-8693
Greenland Town Hall575 Portsmouth AvenueGreenlandNH3840603-431-7111
Hampton Town Hall100 Winnacunnet RoadHamptonNH3842603-926-6766
Kensington Town Hall95 Amesbury RoadKensingtonNH3833603-772-5423
Kingston Town Hall163 Main StreetKingstonNH3848603-642-3112
Londonderry Town Hall268 Mammoth RoadLondonderryNH3053603-432-1100
New Castle Town Hall49 Main StreetNew CastleNH3854603-431-6710
Newfields Town Hall65 Main StreetNewfieldsNH3856603-772-5070
Newington Town HallGOSLING RdPortsmouthNH3801603-431-4111
Newington Town Hall205 Nimble Hill RoadNewingtonNH3801603-436-7640
North Hampton Town Hall237 Atlantic AvenueNorth HamptonNH3862603-964-6029
Rockingham County Marriage License Offices
Atkinson Marriage License21 Academy AvenueAtkinsonNH3811603-362-4920
Auburn Marriage License47 Chester RoadAuburnNH3032603-483-2281
Brentwood Marriage License1 Dalton RoadBrentwoodNH3833603-642-6400
Candia Marriage License74 High StreetCandiaNH3034603-483-5573
Chester Marriage License84 Chester StreetChesterNH3036603-887-3636
Danville Marriage License210 Main StreetDanvilleNH3819
Deerfield Marriage License8 Raymond RoadDeerfieldNH3037
Derry Marriage License14 Manning StreetDerryNH3038603-432-6105
East Kingston Marriage License24 Depot RoadEast KingstonNH3827603-642-8794
Epping Marriage License157 Main StreetEppingNH3042603-679-5441
Exeter Marriage License10 Front StreetExeterNH3833603-778-0591
Fremont Marriage License295 Main StreetFremontNH3044603-895-8693
Greenland Marriage License575 Portsmouth AvenueGreenlandNH3840603-431-7111
Hampstead Marriage License11 Main StreetHampsteadNH3841
Hampton Falls Marriage License1 Drinkwater RoadHampton FallsNH3844
Hampton Marriage License100 Winnacunnet RoadHamptonNH3842603-926-0406
Kensington Marriage License95 Amesbury RoadKensingtonNH3833
Kingston Marriage License163 Main StreetKingstonNH3848603-642-3112
Londonderry Marriage License268 Mammoth RoadLondonderryNH3053
New Castle Marriage License49 Main StreetNew CastleNH3854
Newfields Marriage License65 Main StreetNewfieldsNH3856603-772-5070
Newington Marriage License205 Nimble Hill RoadNewingtonNH3801603-436-7640
Newmarket Marriage License186 Main StreetNewmarketNH3857
Newton Marriage License2 Town Hall RoadNewtonNH3858603-382-4096
North Hampton Marriage License237 Atlantic AvenueNorth HamptonNH3862603-964-6029
Northwood Marriage License818 1st New Hampshire TurnpikeNorthwoodNH3261
Nottingham Marriage License139 Stage RoadNottinghamNH3290603-679-9598
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Hampton Falls Town Clerk Marriage Applications
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Lane Memorial Library Archives
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Londonderry Leach Library Website
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Nesmith Library Database
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Nottingham Town Clerk Vital Records
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Plaistow Public Library Database
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Rockingham County Sheriff's Office Wanted Persons List
Rye Town Clerk Marriage Applications
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Salem's Kelly Library Database
Seabrook Town Clerk Marriage Applications
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Married Couples68,130 (56.8%)
Unmarried Couples8,831 (2.9%)
Never Married Men36,357 (29.1%)
Never Married Women30,455 (23.7%)
Separated Men1,269 (1.0%)
Separated Women1,476 (1.1%)
Widowed Men3,025 (2.4%)
Widowed Women10,057 (7.8%)
Divorced Men12,397 (9.9%)
Divorced Women16,020 (12.5%)

How To Search Marriage Records In Rockingham County New Hampshire

Marriage Records in Rockingham County New Hampshire is a part of the public domain and can be obtained by any member of the public who requests such information. These records provide valuable information on past marriages, divorces, adoptions and even name changes. Rockingham County is one of the largest counties in New Hampshire and its records include: marriage license records, birth and death records, cemetery records and more. Marriage Records in Rockingham County can be searched by an individual, a family or a group. This information can be useful in many instances.

The county clerk in Rockingham County issues Searches of Marriage Records. It is important that anyone requesting this information do it through the correct office. This ensures accuracy and keeps all searches up to date. If one is searching for information about someone they just met, then information about the person’s past marriages might help when trying to determine if they are married or not.

Marriage Records in Rockingham County New Hampshire is maintained electronically. There are several options for users to search this information. If one has a computer with an Internet connection at home, there are several websites that allow a person to perform a free online search. The information is usually available for immediate use but some sites require payment before being able to get the full records.

Marriage Records in Rockingham County can be accessed through the New Hampshire Department of Revenue under its Marriage Licenses section. All marriages in New Hampshire are required to be filed with this department. Individuals and organizations needing information on records can go to this department directly or request a copy through mail. Information on Marriage Licenses can also be requested directly from the county clerk in the Rockingham County New Hampshire.

People can also access the various Marriage Records in New Hampshire by using their state or county offices where they were married. This method is often the most efficient way as all information in these files is cross-checked. These records are more detailed than the marriage license records and usually include the following information: names of the bride and groom, witnesses, official date and place of marriage, the signatures of the couple, reasons for marriage and the like. However, information obtained from these offices might not always be current as new laws are enforced from time to time.

If one needs to search New Hampshire public records for any reason, he or she should make sure to verify the accuracy of the information first before making a public record search. This is because many people often file false information on the birth certificates of their children or themselves in order to save money. One should also be wary about searching for Rockingham County New Hampshire public records, if you do not have enough information about the person you are looking for. If you do find something, you can give a description of what you found so that the person can be identified in future.