Hillsborough County New Hampshire Marriage Records

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NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
Wilton Public & Gregg Free Library Genealogy Records
Hillsborough County Clerk Offices
Hillsborough County Clerk300 Chestnut StreetManchesterNH3101855-212-1234
Brookline Town Clerk1 Main StreetBrooklineNH3033603-673-8933
Francestown Clerk27 Main StreetFrancestownNH3043603-547-6251
Greenfield Town Clerk7 Sawmill RoadGreenfieldNH3047603-547-2782
Greenville Town Clerk46 Main StreetGreenvilleNH3048603-878-4155
Hollis Town Clerk3 Market PlaceHollisNH3049603-465-2064
Hudson Town Clerk12 School StreetHudsonNH3051603-886-6003
Litchfield Town Clerk2 Liberty WayLitchfieldNH3052603-424-4045
Mason Town Clerk16 Darling Hill RoadMasonNH3048603-878-3768
Milford Town Clerk1 Union SquareMilfordNH3055603-673-2257
New Boston Town Clerk7 Meetinghouse Hill RoadNew BostonNH3070603-487-5571
Hillsborough County Town & City Halls
Amherst Town Hall2 Main StAmherstNH3031603-673-6041
Antrim Town Hall66 Main StreetAntrimNH3440603-588-6785
Bedford Town Hall70 Bedford Center RoadBedfordNH3110603-472-5242
Brookline Town Hall1 South Main StreetBrooklineNH3033603-673-8855
Deering Town Hall762 Deering Center RoadDeeringNH3244603-464-3248
Goffstown Town Hall16 Main StreetGoffstownNH3045603-497-8990
Greenville Town Hall46 Main StreetGreenvilleNH3048603-878-2084
Hollis Town Hall7 Monument SquareHollisNH3049603-465-2209
Hudson Town HallSte 1, 12 School StHudsonNH3051603-886-6003
Litchfield Town Hall2 Liberty WayLitchfieldNH3052603-424-4047
Manchester City Hall1 City Hall PlzManchesterNH3101603-624-6520
Merrimack Town Hall6 Baboosic Lake RoadMerrimackNH3054603-424-2331
Milford Town Hall5 Elm StreetMilfordNH3055603-673-6709
Mont Vernon Town Hall2 South Main StreetMont VernonNH3057603-673-9126
Nashua City Hall229 Main StreetNashuaNH3060603-589-3000
New Boston Town Hall7 Meetinghouse Hill RoadNew BostonNH3070603-487-5504
Hillsborough County Marriage License Offices
Hillsborough Marriage License27 School StreetHillsboroughNH3244
Amherst Marriage License2 Main StreetAmherstNH3031
Antrim Marriage License66 Main StreetAntrimNH3440603-588-6785
Bedford Marriage License24 North Amherst RoadBedfordNH3110603-472-3550
Bennington Marriage License7 School StreetBenningtonNH3442603-588-2189
Brookline Marriage License1 Main StreetBrooklineNH3033
Deering Marriage License762 Deering Center RoadDeeringNH3244603-464-3224
Francestown Marriage License27 Main StreetFrancestownNH3043603-547-6251
Goffstown Marriage License16 Main StreetGoffstownNH3045603-497-8990
Greenfield Marriage License7 Sawmill RoadGreenfieldNH3047603-547-2782
Greenville Marriage License46 Main StreetGreenvilleNH3048603-878-4155
Hancock Marriage License50 Main StreetHancockNH3449603-525-4441
Hollis Marriage License3 Market PlaceHollisNH3049603-465-2064
Hudson Marriage License12 School StreetHudsonNH3051
Litchfield Marriage License2 Liberty WayLitchfieldNH3052603-424-4045
Lyndeborough Marriage License9 Citizens' Hall RoadLyndeboroughNH3082
Mason Marriage License16 Darling Hill RoadMasonNH3048603-878-3768
Merrimack Marriage License6 Baboosic Lake RoadMerrimackNH3054603-424-3651
Milford Marriage License1 Union SquareMilfordNH3055603-673-3514
Mont Vernon Marriage License2 South Main StreetMont VernonNH3057603-673-9126
Nashua Marriage License229 Main StreetNashuaNH3060603-589-3000
New Boston Marriage License7 Meetinghouse Hill RoadNew BostonNH3070
New Ipswich Marriage License661 Turnpike RoadNew IpswichNH3071603-878-3567
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Antrim Town Clerk Website
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Bennington Town Clerk Website
Brookline Town Clerk and Tax Collector Website
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City of Manchester City Records
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County of Hillsborough Cemetery List
Deering Town Clerk and Tax Collector Website
Goffstown Town Clerk Marriage Applications
Goffstown Town Clerk Website
Greenfield Town Clerk Website
Greenfield Town Office Cemetery Records
Hancock Town Archives Website
Hancock Town Clerk Website
Hancock Town Library Community Alerts
Hillsborough Town Clerk and Tax Collector Website
Hollis Town Clerk Website
Litchfield Town Clerk and Tax Collector Website
Lyndeborough Clerk Vital Records
Lyndeborough Town Clerk Website
Manchester Burial Records
Manchester City Clerk Vital Records
Manchester City Clerk Website
Mont Vernon Town Clerk Website
Nashua City Clerk Vital Records
Nashua City Clerk Website
Nashua City Clerk's Office Marriage Applications
Nashua Public Library Database
New Boston Town Clerk Website
New Ipswich Town Clerk/Tax Collector Marriage Applications
New Ipswich Town Clerk/Tax Collector Vital Records
New Ipswich Town Clerk/Tax Collector Website
Newington Town Clerk and Tax Collector Website
Pelham Town Clerk Vital Records
Pelham Town Clerk and Tax Collector Website
Pelham Town Clerk/Tax Collector Marriage Applications
Peterborough Town Clerk's Office Website
Temple Town Clerk Website
Town of Mont Vernon Ancestry Library Genealogy Records
Weare Town Clerk Marriage Applications
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Weare Town Clerk Website
Married Couples81,728 (51.7%)
Unmarried Couples13,717 (3.4%)
Never Married Men54,852 (33.1%)
Never Married Women45,708 (26.9%)
Separated Men1,824 (1.1%)
Separated Women2,623 (1.5%)
Widowed Men3,676 (2.2%)
Widowed Women13,879 (8.2%)
Divorced Men17,350 (10.5%)
Divorced Women22,733 (13.4%)

How to Conduct Marriage Records Search in Hillsborough County, New Hampshire

It is very important to search and secure your marriage records in Hillsborough County. This is because these records are considered to be public record and as such can be obtained by any individual who is entitled to the records. These records are also available for anyone to view anytime. The only thing is that in order to have access to them you will need to pay a nominal fee. This is because it costs the county to maintain the records and to pay the people who obtain the records to help maintain them on a daily basis.

Marriage Records in Hillsborough County New Hampshire can be very helpful when it comes to genealogy searches. By getting access to your own marriage records, you will know if someone you know has already been married before. It is very possible and it might not even be something that you would question. However, you never want to take chances. There are many benefits to being able to find out someone’s marriage records and this can help you to find out the truth about some relationships that just aren’t what they seem.

By getting access to the records of someone you are involved with, you will be able to determine their past. You will find out the truth about their divorce and even the reason for the divorce. If there was abuse of one or both parties involved, you will find out all about that as well. This information is usually not disclosed and the people who have the records feel that they should be kept private in an attempt to protect their privacy.

It is very important to have marriage records if you are trying to start your own family tree. With these records, you will be able to trace your roots back to when you were a child. You will also be able to discover exactly where you were born, how old you grew up, and where you eventually ended up in the state of New Hampshire. This information is not commonly shared and the people who have the records fear for their personal safety when they hand them over to others.

Fortunately, there are services online that allow you to conduct a search on marriage records in Hillsborough County, New Hampshire. You can usually use this service for a small fee and it gives you all of the information that you will need. This includes not only the names of the couple, but their parents and other pertinent information that you can not obtain any other way.

When you use an online search on marriage records in Hillsborough County, New Hampshire, you will be able to uncover all sorts of information about the couple. You can learn more about their parents and where they were born. You may also learn more about the reasons for the divorce, which often reveals the truth about the relationship. If you are involved in a relationship, it is important that you do everything you can to find out the truth about it. These services can help you do that.