Cheshire County New Hampshire Marriage Records

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NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
Chesterfield Marriage License490 Route 63ChesterfieldNH3443
Dublin Marriage License1120 Main StreetDublinNH3444603-563-8859
Fitzwilliam Marriage License13 Templeton TurnpikeFitzwilliamNH3447603-585-7214
Gilsum Marriage License650 Route 10GilsumNH3448603-357-0320
Harrisville Marriage License705 Old Chesham RoadMarlboroughNH3455603-827-5546
Hinsdale Marriage License11 Main StreetHinsdaleNH3451603-336-5719
Jaffrey Marriage License10 Goodnow StreetJaffreyNH3452603-532-7445
Keene Marriage License3 Washington StreetKeeneNH3431603-352-0133
Marlborough Marriage License236 Main StreetMarlboroughNH3455603-876-4529
Marlow Marriage License167, Nh Route 123MarlowNH3456603-446-2245
Nelson Marriage License7 Nelson RoadHarrisvilleNH3450603-847-9043
Richmond Marriage License105 Old Homestead HighwayRichmondNH3470603-239-4232
Rindge Marriage License30 Payson Hill RoadRindgeNH3461
Roxbury Marriage License3 Middletown RoadRoxburyNH3431603-352-4903
Stoddard Marriage License2175 State Highway 9StoddardNH3464603-446-2214
Sullivan Marriage License452 Centre StreetSullivanNH3445603-847-3316
Surry Marriage License1 Village RoadSurryNH3431603-352-3075
Swanzey Marriage License620 Old Homestead Highway (Route 32SwanzeyNH3445
Troy Marriage License16 Central SquareTroyNH3465603-242-3845
Walpole Marriage License34 Elm StreetWalpoleNH3608603-756-3514
Westmoreland Marriage License780 Route 63WestmorelandNH3467603-399-7211
Winchester Marriage License1 Richmond RoadWinchesterNH3470
Cheshire County Marriage & Divorce Records Databases
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Conant Public Library Database
Dublin Town Archives Department Website
Fitzwilliam Town Clerk's Office Website
Fitzwilliam Town Library Database
Harrisville Town Clerk Website
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Keene City Clerk Website
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Cheshire County Clerk Offices
Cheshire County Clerk33 Winter StreetKeeneNH3431855-212-1234
Alstead Clerk15 Mechanic StreetAlsteadNH3602603-835-2242
Chesterfield Town Clerk504 New Hampshire 63ChesterfieldNH3443603-363-8071
Deputy Town Clerk34 Elm StreetWalpoleNH3608603-756-3514
Dublin Town Clerk1122 Main StreetDublinNH3444603-563-8859
Fitzwilliam Town Clerk13 Templeton TurnpikeFitzwilliamNH3447603-585-7791
Harrisville Town Clerk705 Chesham RoadHarrisvilleNH3450603-827-5546
Hinsdale Town Clerk11 Main StreetHinsdaleNH3451603-336-5719
Jaffrey Town Clerk10 Goodnow StreetJaffreyNH3452603-532-7880
Keene City Clerk3 Washington StreetKeeneNH3431603-352-0133
Marlborough Town Clerk236 Main StreetMarlboroughNH3455603-876-4529
Nelson Town Clerk7 Nelson RoadHarrisvilleNH3450603-847-9043
Richmond Town Clerk105 Old Homestead HighwayRichmondNH3470603-239-6202
Swanzey Town Clerk620 Old Homestead HighwaySwanzeyNH3446603-352-7411
Troy Town Clerk16 Central SquareTroyNH3465603-242-3845
Cheshire County Town & City Halls
Dublin Town Hall1120 Main StreetDublinNH3444603-563-8544
Surry Town Hall1 Village RoadSurryNH3431603-352-3075
Swanzey Town Hall267 Old Homestead HighwaySwanzeyNH3446603-352-2103
Troy Town Hall14 Central SquareTroyNH3465603-242-3775
Walpole Town Hall34 Elm StreetWalpoleNH3608603-756-3514
Cheshire County Marriage License Offices
Alstead Marriage License15 Mechanic StreetAlsteadNH3602603-835-2242
Married Couples14,880 (48.7%)
Unmarried Couples2,512 (3.5%)
Never Married Men10,806 (34.4%)
Never Married Women10,083 (30.3%)
Separated Men346 (1.1%)
Separated Women424 (1.3%)
Widowed Men979 (3.1%)
Widowed Women2,893 (8.7%)
Divorced Men3,645 (11.6%)
Divorced Women4,394 (13.2%)

How to Find Marriage Records in Chasewater County New Hampshire

Marriage records in Cheshire County New Hampshire are maintained by the courts. These courts generally issue marriage licenses to individuals when they apply for them through the court system. The courts generally require the applicants to provide proof of their marital status as well as their residence and date of birth.

Marriage records in New Hampshire that are maintained by the county or state are considered public records. In order to find out information about marriage records in New Hampshire, one needs to contact the county or state’s office of Vital Records. This office generally maintains the official database of New Hampshire’s vital statistics. However, people can still access this database via the internet on the condition that they will not make use of any information obtained from these records for commercial purposes.

A few of the states in the United States have created databases that allow the public to access marriage records and other related data. Such databases are basically designed to make the processing of public records easier and faster. The first state to do so was Texas. Today, many other states are also starting to develop online marriage records databases. However, the federal government and every state have an exclusive right to maintain all the related data regarding marriages.

Most of the states in the United States have different ways of accessing the marriage records. While some of them are available for free, others are provided for a small fee. Marriage records that are available for free through the state’s website or through the federal government are usually incomplete, outdated and sometimes inaccurate. Hence, the fee-based online records are preferred over the free online records.

Before you conduct a search regarding marriage records in New Hampshire, you should be aware of the fact that a number of people try to make use of this option to extract information about someone without actually knowing his or her details. Such unsolicited people use the database of the records to find out whether they have personal acquaintances or relatives living in the same block as they do. They then use these details to cheat someone and steal their identity. Thus, it is important that you try to access these records only from the official government sites or from the websites of the licensed marriage records providers.

Conducting a search using this option can take up a lot of your time and even your efforts to make use of other resources. You should be aware of certain things when you conduct such a search. First, you should know that the person you are searching for is probably not the one you want. Therefore, before you begin to type in any personal details, you should at least try to find out whether it is possible to find out more about the person from the records of marriage. If yes, then you can start typing. However, if no details appear, then the person may be some other person, and the chances of having your information saved in the wrong place are high.