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NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
Mineral County Marriage & Divorce Records Office
Mineral County ClerkPO Box 1450HawthorneNV89415775-945-2446
Mineral County Marriage & Divorce Records Databases
Mineral County Clerk and Treasurer Website
Mineral County Divorce Certificates
Mineral County Marriage Certificates & Records
Mineral County Recorder and Auditor Website
Mineral County Recorder-Auditor County Records
Married Couples667 (35.9%)
Unmarried Couples109 (2.5%)
Never Married Men578 (32.3%)
Never Married Women588 (30.9%)
Separated Men77 (4.3%)
Separated Women60 (3.1%)
Widowed Men111 (6.2%)
Widowed Women247 (13.0%)
Divorced Men283 (15.8%)
Divorced Women166 (8.7%)

How to Get Marriage Records in Nevada

If you are looking for Marriage Records in Nevada, you can request them either through the State or County or you can go online and find out from one of the reputable websites that deal with marriage records. In this day and age of computerization, most of the vital record files across the country are now stored electronically. Thus, all the marriage certificates and related information are stored in the computerized systems. You can also use the Internet to search for marriage records on Nevada or other states.

There are various reasons why you might need to access Marriage Records in Nevada. If you are new to the county and want to verify the relationship of the parents to their children, then you can request these files. Or, you may be wondering about your family roots and want to trace your lineage back to when you were a child. It could be because of a genealogy project you’re undertaking or it could be as simple as confirming the location of a certain person or item. It can be for any reason and you should search for the correct information as soon as possible. This will reduce your chances of being taken for a fool by fraudulent people.

Marriage Records in Nevada is confidential. Even the location of where the marriage took place is not revealed to anyone. It will remain in the county records for up to 99 years. Thus, if you plan to remarry or just want to have more information about someone, then you need to get this important record. If you are using a website that offers this kind of information as a service or product, then you will be required to pay a minimal fee. The records are not available for free because the state only issues them when people ask for them.

It is advisable that before you download any file from the Internet, you first check whether the website is secure. There are some free websites that offer downloadable records but they usually come with spyware, adware or viruses on them which could harm your computer. If you need to search for vital records, then you need to use an authorized site which will give you access to the information. You can then browse through the records to find out what you are looking for.

Another useful way to get marriage records in Nevada is to visit the Office of Vital Records. The Office of Vital Records will let you get copies of marriage licenses. These are legal documents that prove that the marriage took place in the state and that the couple is legally married. However, you need to fill out a request for these files. You will be required to pay a fee for the request.

After you have sent in the request form, you will be waiting for a few days to a week for the records to arrive. The state may take up to four weeks to deliver you the records. However, if the county has so many records of the marriage, then it could take several months for you to get all the information you need. Marriage records in Nevada can be searched online. There are several websites that offer this service.