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Eureka County Marriage & Divorce Records Office
Eureka County ClerkPO Box 677EurekaNV89316775-237-5262
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Eureka County Clerk and Treasurer Website
Eureka County Comptroller County Records
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Eureka County Records
Married Couples434 (56.7%)
Unmarried Couples11 (0.6%)
Never Married Men159 (21.1%)
Never Married Women40 (6.2%)
Separated Men25 (3.3%)
Separated Women
Widowed Men8 (1.1%)
Widowed Women64 (9.9%)
Divorced Men132 (17.5%)
Divorced Women104 (16.1%)

Nevada Marriage Records Search

Marriage Records in Eureka County Nevada is kept by the County Recorder of Washoe. These marriage documents are legally mandated for all Nevada marriages. It is vital that you look for your marriage record before attempting to get married or remarry. These vital records are updated and maintained on a monthly, quarterly and yearly basis.

When was the last time you went through Nevada’s marriage records? This state keeps vital records on its website. It is quick and easy to search through these records. They have a separate page for each state and even a federal marriage records page where you can search out those from other states. If you find yourself in need of marriage records, this is a great place to start.

You may want to begin by checking with your local county recorder’s office. You will be able to obtain the necessary paperwork there. These offices also keep copies of the papers needed for a divorce and can assist you locate the desired record when it is in their custody. Divorce papers are not automatically terminated upon death. It is wise to have the records terminated upon remarriage in most instances.

Marriage Records in Eureka County Nevada is available to both the public and private sectors. In the case of divorce papers, it is the responsibility of the County Recorder to destroy the records or make them viewable to the public. If the former couple wishes to retain the file, they must do so with the assistance of a lawyer. It is a stipulation in most counties that one party be given notice prior to any attempt to obtain the divorce record.

State laws require that a copy of the original divorce decree to be filed with the Clerk of Court in the county where the parties are married. A copy of the final decree must then be submitted to the National Marriage Center for uploading into their computer system. The entire process takes three to four weeks to complete. However, if a remarriage is allowed at the time of filing, this may extend that time by a few weeks. Typically, marriage records are destroyed after ten years.

Marriage Records in Nevada is not only important for conducting genealogical research but also for conducting background checks on potential partners. For instance, a person might want to investigate the marital past of a potential spouse to ensure that he/she is not married to an identity thief or con artist. Such records are also used in civil courts for assessing damages as well as annulment and divorce. Indeed, conducting a marriage record search is not only beneficial to one’s personal life but also to ones professional and social life.