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NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
Thayer County Marriage & Divorce Records Offices
Thayer County Clerk225 North 4th StreetHebronNE68370402-768-6325
Chester City Hall621 Thayer AvenueChesterNE68327402-324-5755
Thayer County Marriage & Divorce Records Databases
Thayer County Clerk Website
Thayer County Divorce Certificates
Thayer County Genealogy Records
Married Couples1,363 (58.3%)
Unmarried Couples64 (1.3%)
Never Married Men451 (21.7%)
Never Married Women272 (12.7%)
Separated Men6 (0.3%)
Separated Women11 (0.5%)
Widowed Men66 (3.2%)
Widowed Women262 (12.2%)
Divorced Men127 (6.1%)
Divorced Women181 (8.4%)

How to Find Marriage Records in Thayer County Nebraska

Thayer County is located along the border between Lincoln and Omaha. Most often when people are looking for marriage records they are trying to locate a wedding or the birth of a new family member. There are many reasons why one would conduct a lookup on a marriage license such as verifying a person’s age, to check if the marriage license has been revoked and to check to see if there are past marriages. In addition to searching for marriage licenses in the above scenarios marriage records can be located for other reasons such as researching family history, locating long lost friends or relatives or locating a person of interest such as a genealogy tree. Whatever the reason may be it is always important to conduct a background check on a potential spouse to ensure that they are who they say they are.

The state of Nebraska technically doesn’t keep records of marriages, although they do maintain public records. Because all marriage licenses in Nebraska are filed electronically, it is very easy to find records. By searching the Vital Records Office you can locate the current records for a person. You will need to complete some basic information such as name, address and any previous addresses for verification. The fee for searching through the Vital Records Office’s online records is less than a few dollars. This fee is only a portion of the cost to search for records, because they also provide access to the state’s databases of deceased people.

There are many reasons to utilize a service such as Public Records Pro. If you are trying to locate marriage records in Thayer County, you may need to pay a small fee. However, if you are trying to search for public records relating to a person in another area it may be more cost effective to use a company such as Public Records Pro to perform your search. This can save you time and effort because you won’t have to spend hours on the internet searching for each piece of information you need. When you use this service you will also be provided with the option of viewing the records in a folder or printable version.

A lot of people search for records of marriages in Nebraska. If you are researching the marriage history of someone, you may find it very helpful to search for their past marriages in this State. If this is a common name for someone then you may be able to locate their records online for free. Most of the Vital Records Office’s web site has a place to enter the person’s last name and city and/or state if you are searching for records relating to that person.

It is easy to find Marriage Records in Thayer County if you conduct your search online. Most of the offices that maintain the state’s vital records have a web site that is available to the public. The most popular search sites are marriage records and marriage license records. Both of these types of records are easy to find online. If you have a computer with an internet connection, you can do a simple search on the internet to find marriage records in Nebraska. Most of the free sites only give you basic information, such as the names of the couple, the ages at which the marriage occurred, the name of the officiator of the ceremony and the location of the ceremony.

If you would like more detailed information, you can use the fee-based commercial record locating services that are available online. These services have a database of all of the marriage records that have been filed in Nebraska. You can search using various criteria such as the names of the couple or persons, the state where the marriage took place, the wedding date, and more. Most services allow you to retrieve as many details as you want within a given time. Most of the record services also provide more information about the other members of the couple, including their addresses, occupations, and sometimes their relatives and neighbors.