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NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
Frontier County Marriage & Divorce Records Offices
Frontier County ClerkPO Box 38StockvilleNE69042308-367-8629
Curtis City Hall201 Garlick AveCurtisNE69025308-367-4122
Eustis City Hall106 North Morton StreetEustisNE69028308-486-3661
Maywood City Clerk110 Commercial StreetMaywoodNE69038308-362-4299
Frontier County Marriage & Divorce Records Databases
Frontier County Clerk Marriage Records
Frontier County Clerk Website
Frontier County Divorce Certificates
Frontier County Marriage Certificates & Records
Married Couples662 (59.5%)
Unmarried Couples82 (3.3%)
Never Married Men308 (28.2%)
Never Married Women232 (21.0%)
Separated Men11 (1.0%)
Separated Women6 (0.5%)
Widowed Men32 (2.9%)
Widowed Women98 (8.9%)
Divorced Men87 (8.0%)
Divorced Women98 (8.9%)

Marriage Records Is Important For Research

Marriage Records in Frontier County Nebraska is maintained in the same manner as county records. They are kept in the same folder or file with other public records. Frontier county’s marriage records are more prone to errors than other county’s records, because they have not had a lot of maintenance done on them. However there are some good services that make this information available for searches. The information is usually free but you may have to pay a small fee if you want an up to date copy of your marriage records.

Marriage Records in Frontier County are considered public record. This means that they are available for anyone who requests it. If you are doing a public record search, you will need to contact the County Records Division. You will need to fill out a form requesting the information. In some instances the form cannot be completed successfully. You may be asked to fax or mail a copy of the requested information.

Marriage records can be searched online. There are several sites on the Internet that offer marriage records. Most allow a user to obtain a full report or a summary of the information. Some allow a user to obtain the records at a certain time and some allow a user to obtain the records at several different times. You may have to pay a small fee if you want a full copy of marriage records.

When searching through marriage records, you may get the results you are looking for, within a few minutes. There are sites that offer you the ability to look up multiple records at once. This would be a great way to save time. The cost may be a small one cent or less per search but you may need to provide credit card information if you wish to pay a fee.

When searching through marriage records you will find several things. You will find out the names of the couple, the date of birth, and the place of birth. You will also discover if they have any other children or not. You will find out if they have been married before or not and the state they were married in.

Marriage records are important and should not be overlooked when it comes to searching. Marriage records can be used for research purposes. They can help you learn more about someone and their history. If you are interested in finding out more about someone than you may want to try a free online search.