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NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
Wibaux County Marriage & Divorce Records Offices
Wibaux County ClerkPO Box 292WibauxMT59353
Wibaux County Marriage License200 Wibaux StreetWibauxMT59353406-796-2484
Wibaux County Marriage & Divorce Records Databases
Wibaux County Divorce Certificates


Married Couples303 (61.0%)
Unmarried Couples20 (1.8%)
Never Married Men88 (18.9%)
Never Married Women41 (9.1%)
Separated Men4 (0.9%)
Separated Women3 (0.7%)
Widowed Men30 (6.5%)
Widowed Women51 (11.3%)
Divorced Men36 (7.7%)
Divorced Women40 (8.9%)

How to Search Marriage Records

Marriage Records in Wibaux County Montana is kept in the Vital Records Office of each county in Montana. These records are retained by the state for such a purpose, only that the name of the couple, and the state where the marriage was solemnized are mentioned in the files. All other particulars like the witnesses present at the ceremony are also recorded. In some cases the couple may have got married via a Notary Public. Wibaux county is one such county.

The state of Montana recognizes two types of unions, namely, a civil union and a wedding ceremony. While in some states, marriage records are only retained for the life of the couple, in Montana, they are retained for a stipulated period of time which can be as short as six months or more. If you want to check out the marriage records of someone else, you will have to approach the office concerned directly. This is a very cumbersome process however; with modern technology getting your desired information is not only fast and easy, but cost free too.

Marriage records have several uses apart from just ascertaining the marital status of a couple. People use them for genealogical purposes too. With the advent of the internet, there are many online databases that maintain a collection of marriage records. Some of these record providers even offer a fee for their services. One can also go through the local newspapers in order to get the latest information on marriage records.

You can also contact the County Recorder of Deeds if the records being query are not maintained in their repository. They may be able to help you in your queries regarding marriage records in Wibaux County. There are quite a number of reasons why people would need to access these records. It could be to locate a long lost relative, trace the history of an orphaned child, or research the marital history of a prospective spouse.

Marriage records are also used by some companies in order to verify the marital history of potential employees before hiring them. By checking these records, they are ensured that the person being hired has no criminal records. This helps avoid the risk of hiring a dangerous individual. The company also saves on costs by avoiding legal hassles associated with litigation involving potential employees’ past. This helps maintain the moral fiber of the organization.

The records also contain data on the previous marriage of the prospective groom and bride. This helps determine the amount of financial support that the bride or the groom will receive after tying the knot. This is especially significant for the bride who is expected to support her husband till they both get old enough to earn their own livelihood. Marriage records also contain details of when the wedding was held and where. The location can help one get an idea of where the wedding took place.