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NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
Sheridan County Marriage & Divorce Records Offices
Sheridan County Clerk100 West Laurel AvenuePlentywoodMT59254
Sheridan County Marriage License100 West Laurel AvenuePlentywoodMT59254406-765-2310
Medicine City Clerk201 Main StreetMedicine LakeMT59247406-789-2422
Plentywood Clerk205 West 1st AvenuePlentywoodMT59254406-765-1700
Sheridan County Marriage & Divorce Records Databases
Sheridan County Clerk and Recorder Birth Records
Sheridan County Clerk and Recorder Website
Sheridan County Clerk and Recorder and Superintendent of Schools Death Records
Sheridan County Divorce Certificates
Sheridan County Marriage Certificates & Records


Married Couples817 (49.2%)
Unmarried Couples93 (2.7%)
Never Married Men376 (25.9%)
Never Married Women307 (20.8%)
Separated Men34 (2.3%)
Separated Women9 (0.6%)
Widowed Men67 (4.6%)
Widowed Women156 (10.6%)
Divorced Men140 (9.6%)
Divorced Women132 (8.9%)

Where to Search for Marriage Records in Sheridan County Montana

If you are conducting a Marriage Records in Sheridan County Montana you will need to know where to turn to obtain this information. The best place to start your search is on the county’s micro-fiche marriage records web site. It is free for most public documents that are on file with the county. Most of the information you will receive here is going to be somewhat generic such as the names of the couple, and the state they live in. It will not give you much personal information.

If you want more detailed information then the best bet is to pay a small fee and get the entire record. This can be done online by going to the micro-fiche search page and filling in the information you have about the couple. After you fill it out, click search and wait a few minutes while the site does its search. About ten to fifteen minutes later you will have the information you were looking for.

This may seem like an extremely time consuming process. However, if you want to find out as much information as possible regarding a particular person then the process is definitely worth it. Once you have the information you need you can start using it to check with county courthouse websites to see if they have the records for the person you are searching for.

Marriage records are confidential and cannot be viewed by anyone other than the two individuals who performed the ceremony. There are several reasons for wanting to find out this information, and there are multiple ways of doing so. You may want to use it to help determine if someone is married or not. For example, you could use it to check up on the claims of a new bride is making. By checking with the VitalRecorder website you can get information about the parents and other individuals involved in the wedding. If there was a dispute over child support or other issues then you will want to make sure that the couple’s information is on the site so you can properly check to see if it is accurate.

Another reason you may want to look into marriage records in Sheridan is to investigate your family tree. By using any one of the online databases available you will be able to quickly access all kinds of information which is available. This is especially useful if you are looking for family members from a previous generation.

Regardless, of the reason you want to search for these records it is easy to do so online. The information is easily accessible and if you know what you are doing it can be very simple and fast. When looking for information about specific individuals, it is important to understand that the information may not always be accurate. It is also important to take precautions because you may inadvertently obtain some sensitive information.