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Mineral County Marriage & Divorce Records Offices
Mineral County Clerk300 River StreetSuperiorMT59872406-822-3520
Mineral County Marriage License300 River StreetSuperiorMT59872406-822-3538
Alberton Town Hall607 Railroad AvenueAlbertonMT59820406-722-3404
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Mineral County Clerk and Recorder Website
Mineral County Clerk of The District Court's Office Website
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Married Couples747 (44.1%)
Unmarried Couples101 (2.4%)
Never Married Men602 (33.5%)
Never Married Women347 (19.7%)
Separated Men17 (0.9%)
Separated Women15 (0.9%)
Widowed Men100 (5.6%)
Widowed Women168 (9.5%)
Divorced Men285 (15.8%)
Divorced Women268 (15.2%)

Marriage Records in Mineral County Montana

Marriage Records in Mineral County, Montana is maintained by the clerk’s office. These offices are located in Elko, mitejana, Ketchum, Spokane, Thermo, Winnemu-Etc. The clerk of court in any county in Montana may access such information at the request of any of the parties involved in a legal marriage.

People may be interested in the marriage records in Montana since they would like to verify some of the information that they have obtained through the services of their respective civil authorities. Marriage records are kept in two ways: manual and computerized. The information is entered in a system of computers that store and compile the data. Manual marriage records are kept in the county offices with the help of a machine or manually. Computerized marriage records are more accurate than the former.

All of the information provided here is confidential. However, the courts generally require the couple to sign a form indicating that they agree that the information provided will be held confidential. If this requirement is not fulfilled, the person can face a fine of up to one thousand dollars. Failure to acknowledge the fact that the information is recorded in the computerized system will still result in a fine.

Marriage records in Montana are confidential. The only time these documents are available is when the marriage has been performed in a county that is within the jurisdiction of the Montana Court. This means that for instance in a county that does not recognize marriage, the couple will have to get the records online or from other sources outside the state. Similarly, if the civil unions have been performed outside Montana, then the information is not accessible from any office in the state.

There are different types of details that are provided in the records. The first category is the personal particulars. Here you can find the date of birth, social security number, date of marriage, place of marriage and the name of the couple. You can also find the names of parents and their corresponding addresses. If there are children of the couple, then also you can get the addresses and telephone numbers.

The next category is the place where the marriage occurred. Here you can find the names of the wedding party, the location, cause of death, names of bride and groom, names of parents and other witnesses. Marriage license number is also provided. If there are kids of the bride and groom, then you can also get the telephone numbers of their parents. Marriage records in the county are updated regularly and the above mentioned information can be obtained from the website of the county where the marriage happened.