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Daniels County Marriage & Divorce Records Offices
Daniels County ClerkPO Box 67ScobeyMT59263406-487-2651
Daniels County Marriage License213 Main StreetScobeyMT59263406-487-2651
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Married Couples417 (47.6%)
Unmarried Couples45 (2.6%)
Never Married Men220 (28.7%)
Never Married Women93 (13.2%)
Separated Men
Separated Women
Widowed Men28 (3.7%)
Widowed Women131 (18.6%)
Divorced Men91 (11.9%)
Divorced Women59 (8.4%)

Marriage License Records Searches in Daniels County Montana

Marriage records in Daniels County, Montana are kept in the Micro-Recording Corporation of Montana. These marriage records contain information such as the names of the bride and groom, their parents or guardian, witnesses etc. Marriage license records in Montana can be requested from the county recorder of your county by sending a letter to the Micro-Recording Corporation of Montana or by visiting the recorder’s office in your county. If you want to request a copy of this record then you will have to pay a fee of $7.00 for each document.

To access the marriage license records in Daniels County, Montana one can check out the following places. First you can go to the Records Retrieval Service of the Montana State Government, Room 4th Floor, Suite 101 North Spa Montana, Helena, MT. Phone: (573) 535 8001. Hours: M – Th 7 PM, M – F 9 AM.

The second place you can check is the Circuit Court of Washtenaw County where all marriage licenses are recorded. The fourth place you can go to search for marriage license records in Daniels County, Montana is the Probate Court of Hancock County. They usually maintain these records at the county building. The fifth and last place you can visit to look for marriage records in Daniels County is the Social Security Deaths Index in Grantsville.

Now that you know where to find the marriage records of someone in Daniels county, Montana, how do you go about conducting a search? There are several options available to you. You can go online and search using Google, Yahoo or MSN. The other option is to use the county where the person got married in. This method may not always yield results as these records are rarely maintained online or are only recorded in certain places.

I would advise against using the first two search methods mentioned above. If I were starting out with a tight budget, I would start out by using the free online search sites. However, if I were looking for records that are a bit more in-depth and expensive then I would start my search at one of the paid county record databases. These places will charge a small fee for unlimited access, but it should be worth it. After all it’s your money that’s being used.

If you can afford to pay the small fee they charge it would probably be the best option. However, most people don’t have the financial wherewithal to spend this kind of money upfront. It would probably be a good idea to search the records yourself first and then hire a professional if you weren’t able to find what you want with the free searches. In any case it’s worth a few extra dollars to have peace of mind.