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NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
Cedar County Marriage & Divorce Records Offices
Cedar County Clerk113 South StreetStocktonMO65785417-276-6700
Cedar County Marriage License113 South StreetStocktonMO65785417-276-6700
El Dorado Springs City Hall135 W Spring StEl Dorado SpringsMO64744417-876-2521
Stockton City Hall201 South High StreetStocktonMO65785417-276-5210
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Married Couples2,719 (46.2%)
Unmarried Couples286 (2.1%)
Never Married Men1,110 (20.4%)
Never Married Women857 (15.1%)
Separated Men74 (1.4%)
Separated Women160 (2.8%)
Widowed Men300 (5.5%)
Widowed Women729 (12.8%)
Divorced Men949 (17.5%)
Divorced Women959 (16.9%)

How to Search for Marriage Records in Cedar County Missouri

Marriage Records in Cedar County is basically confidential and protected. Only the parties involved with these records are entitled to have access to them. This includes all the spouses that have ever entered into a legal union. Marriage records are controlled and maintained by the courts of this county. These records are accessible to anyone who applies for the required information. The only people who have to go through the legal procedures of retrieval are those who are involved in some legal proceedings, or if there is a question of legitimacy of the marriage records.

Marriage Records in Cedar County Missouri also contains certain personal information about the couple such as their names, their parents’ names and the birth dates etc. It also has information about the witnesses present at the wedding occasion. The record keeps the date and location of the marriage as well as the reasons for it.

Marriage Records in Cedar County Missouri can be obtained from the county records office in the city of St Louis by paying a nominal fee. The process of retrieving the records is also not very time consuming. One can easily do it online using a few clicks.

There are various ways of searching for the records. You could hire the services of the local County Record Office or look in the phone book. But these two are quite time consuming. There are several options available today which make searching easy and fast.

One option is to go online. Various records websites are now offering information online. They have huge databases which include almost all types of information. One can easily find out information about a person by just providing the name and state.

One more advantage of searching online is that you will also get the other personal information of the person like the age, education and marital status etc. People usually don’t publish their real names on public record websites because they feel it’s their right. In fact, this information belongs to the individual only. Marriage records are kept confidential and for this reason only the concerned authority should access it.

One can find out information about any person by conducting public records search about him. Marriage records are maintained by the county where the marriage has taken place. The information gathered by these websites will help you in many ways. If you are looking for a person who has been married and got divorced, you can use the details of that person. If you are searching for a person who has been married and has divorced, again you will be helped by the records.

Searching for marriage records in Cedar County is not only easy but quite effective as well. Not only the location but also the time of the year where the marriage took place makes a difference in the outcome. It is advisable to conduct a search at the end of the year or before. It is better to visit the records office personally rather than calling or ordering online. By personally visiting the records office, you will also be able to see the physical structure of the records room.

Some of the records sites also offer the option to have other parties involved in the search. You will be given a chance to include the names of the witnesses who are mentioned in the marriage document. The witnesses can be asked to provide their names as it will help you to get more accurate information. When you are using the records, you should make sure that you have all the information about the person stated in the record. This will give you more credibility.